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Advantages of Trading on a Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Due to advancements in blockchain, the technology that supports digital assets like Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have exploded in popularity in recent years. This has sparked a major industry trend, with cryptocurrency exchanges springing up to allow consumers to trade cryptocurrencies for other assets such as fiat money or other digital currencies. Cryptocurrency exchanges can also operate as market makers, taking bid/ask spreads as transaction commissions in exchange for the services they provide, or charging a fee as a matching engine.

It’s apparent that cryptocurrency exchanges have become an important part of the crypto-asset ecosystem, requiring regulatory involvement from several nations to keep an eye on the area. Because the crypto trading process involves go-between services like wallets, these systems might be exposed to fraudulent activity, theft, or market manipulation if there is no sufficient regulatory oversight.

In the end, the benefits of regulation will aid in the long-term acceptance of cryptocurrencies, as order and a regulated environment are necessary for effective commercial operations. While the current restricted scope of regulation may make it simpler for exchanges to start up, crypto traders can benefit from protection against insider trading, market manipulation, and counterparty default in the same way that traders of regulated trading instruments like stocks can.

Safety and security are two of the most important considerations when trading and acquiring cryptocurrencies on an exchange, and these are some of the benefits that customers can get from a licensed crypto exchange like B2BX.

About B2BX

B2BX is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in January 2018 and is licensed by Estonia’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). It provides crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat trading pairings.

B2BX Exchange accepts both individual and corporate clients, offering institutional-grade liquidity, a variety of order types, an advanced API (WebSocket and REST), and a variety of fiat deposit and withdrawal options, as well as security features like wallet whitelisting, 2FA (Google and SMS), and KYC, as well as low trading fees.

Trading Fees

Customers of B2BX can take advantage of a commissions ladder. Fees for crypto-crypto and crypto-stable currency pairs begin at 0.12% for makers and 0.15 percent for takers, and decrease as traded volumes increase.

Trading Platform

The trading platform has a dynamic and flexible interface, several workspaces with different widgets, volume grouping, market depth, a watchlist, and other useful features.

Methods of Payment

Bank transfers (SWIFT, SEPA, Faster Payments), credit/debit cards, and different payment providers such as Epay, Perfect Money, and KoalaPays are among the fiat deposit and withdrawal options available on B2BX.

Fees for Deposits and Withdrawals

For Bitcoin deposits, B2BX does not charge a fee. Fees for fiat financial transactions and cryptocurrency withdrawals may be seen on the B2BX website and in B2Core (Trader’s Room).


WebSocket and REST are the two types of APIs offered by B2BX. To get access to private methods, public and private keys are utilized for security reasons, and SHA-512 encryption is required. Users can access public information such as tickers, volumes, order books, and transactions on instruments using the API, whereas the private API provides trading opportunities as well as on-demand access to real-time balances and opened orders.


Because security is the company’s first priority, B2BX pays close attention to all areas of user safety at all times. The exchange   keeps the funds in cold storage and provides two-factor authentication (SMS and Google Authenticator) for logins and financial transactions, as well as a Whitelist for cryptocurrency withdrawals, and FaceID/TouchID in our mobile app.

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