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Top 7 Incentives for Using Social Media for Your Business

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You’ve probably noticed that most businesses have an online presence, be it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even Twitter. Everyone is busy getting closer to their audience, and what better way to do it than by directly interacting with them? Social media platforms have bridged the gap between consumers and businesses by enhancing communication between the two groups. Even so, some business owners are still on the fence on whether they should take the plunge or stick to the same old marketing tricks. Is this you? Do you need a bit of a push to get your business on social media? Let’s look at some of the top reasons most businesses are now actively using social media for their customer relationship management.

To Drive Traffic

You may have the best products on the market, but people will not know that you do unless you make it known. Think about it. Most people do their shopping or preliminary research online. They see a jersey and think, ‘I would like that.’ So, they start looking up shops where they can get the jersey, read online reviews, and settle on a choice. But how does this impact your business? If you are not on social media, your competitors will have the upper hand because they will have more visibility. You will be but an afterthought and only to people who have interacted with your brand before.

How can you solve this? First, you need to work on your aesthetics. Creating a page is not enough. Instead, you must also back it up with a following. Of course, organic growth requires a trigger that you can get when you buy non drop Instagram followers. When people notice others following you, they associate it with expertise, trustworthiness, and competence. Secondly, you can start working on your content. That’s how easy it is to drive traffic to your website or physical store!

To Get to Know Your Customers

Using customer relationship management (CRM) tools is great, but it hardly lets you know your typical customer. Who are they? What do they want? What gets them excited about products? Luckily, social media humanifies the customers such that they are no longer figures on charts but rather people with interests. You get to engage with them by replying to their comments and messages. They let you know what they love about your brand and what you can do better. The best part about this? This back and forth increases customer satisfaction and makes it easier to attract and retain existing clients.

To Increase Your Revenues

What’s the number one motivation behind business strategies? – To make profits. So, if a marketing tactic is not helping you make more money, it’s not working. Can social media help you get a better return on your marketing investment? Sure! Social media campaigns often go viral, enabling you to reach an even bigger audience. Not only can you place ads on the platform, but you can also reach out to influencers who can spread the word about your products. More importantly, you can keep interacting with your clients on social media platforms, fostering trust among online communities. When people regard you as trustworthy or entertaining, they are more inclined to purchase your products.

To Manage Your Reputation

The #cancel culture has come a long way. Nowadays, it takes a small mistake, and suddenly, people are on your neck about what you could have done better. Businesses are losing contracts and customers overnight. People have been fired over hashtags, and everyone must be on their toes. Unfortunately, you cannot protect yourself from all possible negative occurrences. But the one thing you can do is manage the situation as best as you can. Having an online presence helps you in two ways. First, you can be so trustworthy that some people vouch for you even without requiring any incentives. Such people can come to your defense if something goes wrong. Secondly, you can use the platform to either rectify the wrongdoing or explain your situation. Imagine how bad it would be if everyone was on your case and you did not have an outlet to state your side of the story.

To Do Your Market Research

Did you know that you no longer need to hire research companies for small surveys? Social media platforms have made it much easier for people to interact with each other in real-time. Take Instagram stories, for example. They allow you to hold polls and even collect comments from users. Suppose you want to launch a new drink, you can ask your followers to suggest names for the beverage. Or you can ask them for opinions on almost anything about your business. You get their responses, and they feel listened to, increasing the trust they place in your business. Plus, you save money and get the job done from the comfort of your home. Did we mention that you can also use social media as a benchmark? Keeping an eye on the competition can help you know if you need to level up and how you can go about it.

To Cut Back on Costs

How much do your marketing campaigns cost on average? If you are like most companies, you have an entire department dedicated to marketing. It translates to salaries in addition to the funds you must sink into the campaigns. Sometimes, the return on investment is barely enough to keep the department going. Social media introduces a new way of doing business. You get to reach a much wider audience with your marketing campaign yet cut on costs. Social media marketing does not even require professionals. It only needs a dedicated person to launch the ads and interact with customers. How does that sound?

To Reach a Global Audience

When most businesses start, they have a handful of customers. But of course, the goal is to reach people who are not even in your region. The wider you can cast your net, the more fish you can get! Social media allows you to tailor your marketing strategies to meet people who are not even in your country. Even if you do not want to go global, you can still reach a much wider audience than when using traditional marketing.

That pretty much sums it up. Any business that wants to cut back on costs, understand its customer needs and get a better ROI on marketing funds should consider using social media. Will you take the plunge?

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