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4 Ways IoT in Mobile Apps is Making Lives More Convenient

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Mobile app development is being subjected to significant and innovative transformations at a rapid pace due to the rise of modern technologies. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one such technology that has set a tremendous rate of advancements in the sector. Businesses in various sectors like agriculture, finance, healthcare, retail, and more have started working on IoT solutions. According to Statista, the overall global IoT market is anticipated to reach 1 trillion U.S. dollars by 2030, up from 389 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Over the span of ten years from 2020, the IoT market is anticipated to more than double. IoT has influenced human lives in numerous ways, and one of the essential tools that have helped it shape lives is mobile apps. 

Mobile apps have entirely transformed the ways humans interact and carry out their daily activities. The mobile app market is evolving faster with the integration of breakthrough technologies like the Internet of Things. IoT integration in mobile apps has made them more powerful and efficient. IoT has swiftly expanded the horizon of effectiveness and usability of mobile apps in human lives. In this post, we’ll discuss some key ways IoT in mobile app development is helping improve the user experience. For any mobile app, user experience is the key to its success, and in recent years, IoT technology has significantly helped improve it. So, let’s move forward and learn more about IoT and its positive impact on mobile app development.

Key ways IoT in mobile apps is improving human lives

1. Solidifies smart home concept

The smart home concept has seen rapid adoption by people in recent years. Smart homes are houses with a number of devices connected to a shared network via which they can exchange information and communicate. The smart home concept assists creating energy-efficient homes that can help save money and time by making various appliances easy to control. All the usual household appliances, such as refrigerators, TV, washing machine, microwave, air conditioner, etc., are connected to the internet with the help of IoT technology. These devices are specially designed with inbuilt wifi that allows them to connect to a shared network to further communicate with other devices and are called smart appliances. 

The smart home concept has become popular on a global scale, and the market is predicted to reach 99.41B U.S. dollars by the end of 2021. The idea of smart homes has become viable thanks to “Internet of Things” technology. As we already discussed, smart homes consist of smart devices connected to the internet, which people can easily control. Mobile apps are the medium by which a human can control these smart devices. Moreover, mobile apps are the easiest way to control these devices from anywhere in the world. Mobile apps to control IoT-powered smart homes are hence the newest trend in mobile app development. 

2. Extra convenience through mobile apps

Mobile apps have made life more convenient in numerous ways, be it easing online shopping, ordering food, helping cope with mental health issues, or making online appointments. Mobile apps have helped humans carry out essential tasks in less time. In the same way, mobile apps are making lives more manageable with the help of IoT technology by helping humans control their houses and appliances smoothly from any place. Using the smart home app, people can control various devices from any distance, whether from the office or the bedroom. People can control their house lighting to save energy and, before returning home, can switch it on to light the home before entering the house with just one click using the relevant mobile app. 

Moreover, if you want to keep a check on your kids and pets while you are away, you can easily do so with the help of smart cameras. These cameras are programmed in such a way that whenever the child goes beyond a safe place or place which is not meant for them to enter, a notification is sent to a mobile app to alert the parents. In this way, IoT is becoming increasingly popular in mobile apps due to the convenience this combo brings to users’ lives. 

3. Better home security 

IoT-powered smart homes do not just bring convenience to the user’s lives but also help them ensure the best security of their property and loved ones. There’s no need to panic if you leave your door unlocked before leaving for vacation or the office, as your smart home can make things easy for you. Smart homes come with smart door locks and smart security systems; sometimes, these devices are so advanced that they detect by themselves that the door is open and will close automatically after a fixed time interval. Or, the owner can check if every door and knob of the house is locked, and if not, a command can be generated using the app for these smart gadgets to lock up. This feature helps ensure that you are safe from intruders and ensures that the kids and pets in the house are safe. 

4. Better driving experience with automotive apps 

From the above three points, it is clear that IoT technology has become more viable and accessible with its integration in mobile apps. The most striking example of this integration is the rise of automotive apps. Today almost all newly manufactured cars have become smart, i.e., contain smart devices such as smart security cameras, smart infotainment systems, smart wipers, smart navigation systems, weather check systems, and much more. You can turn on the AC of your car or start its deep cleaning from any place just by a click from your brand automotive app. Some car manufacturing brands such as Tesla have created vehicles that can self-drive themselves out of the Garage and park right in front of your doorstep through  the use of the Tesla App. This automotive app puts the owner directly in touch with their vehicle and its controls no matter where the owner is. In all these smart systems, IoT is the most critical technology that comes into play, and from the mentioned examples, it’s obvious how mobile apps are improving human lives and user experience.

Wrapping up

Mobile app technology has been a groundbreaking technology that has bound the whole world with the same thread. Things have become more accessible thanks to mobile apps; you can buy any services or goods and get them delivered right to your doorstep regardless of which country the product comes from. IoT is one such promising technology that has been transforming various sectors such as housing, retail, etc., for the better. Today IoT integration in mobile app development has become a most remarkable trend contributing significantly to improving user experience. In this post, we described various ways in which the combo of IoT and mobile apps have helped make user lives more comfortable and secure. More research is being done to make IoT in mobile apps more viable and effective for unexplored sectors, and this trend is foreseen to have the potential to transform the future.

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