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The Best Smart Technologies for Your Home

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

From your car to your clothing to your home, there are now more and more devices with smart technology that can be accessed through mobile apps or voice commands. One area where smart technology has had a considerable impact is at homes. Whether you want to control lights or temperature with one system or simply find a clever way to modernize your home and increase its value, there are plenty of systems out there for you.

1. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are among the most popular smart devices. They let you control the temperature of your home from an app, no matter where you are or from a voice command using Siri or Google Now. You can have different settings every day. For example, set it to come on before you get home, turn it down while you’re sleeping, and save money on energy costs. Some smart thermostats can even learn your schedule to make it easier for you. Depending on what kind of system you want for your home, there are wired and wireless thermostats at different prices.

2. Smart Lights

Another popular category of smart devices is smart lights. Most smart light systems let you control your lights from apps on your phone or tablet, including the ability to turn them on and off remotely. Some smart lights can even adjust their brightness based on natural sunlight so that you save on energy consumption. Whatever kind of comfort you want; you can always talk to your vendor and get it installed.

3. Smart Locks

Smart locks use both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to give you access to your house, whether you’re outside or away. You can lock or unlock your door remotely, send access to people you trust, configure multiple keys and generate temporary access codes for anyone who needs them. What’s more, some smart locks can even keep track of when your door is opened, so you know if someone has been in your house while you are out.

4. Security Systems

If you’re looking to protect your home with smart devices, security systems are the way to go. The major difference between a security system and other smart device systems is that most security systems use professional monitoring rather than having an automated response if they detect something wrong in your home. Most security systems can be smartly integrated so that they are better functional. For example, you can link the security system with your phone, so you can see everything happening in your home regardless of where you are.

5. Smart Appliances

Kitchen appliances are a great place to start your smart home system. You can save time and money by programming your oven, fridge, coffee maker or slow cooker to come on at specific times or when you aren’t using it through an app on your tablet or phone. If you’re ambitious, you can even automate your entire kitchen.

6. Smart Switches

If you’re looking for a little more flexibility and control, look into smart switches and dimmers. Some smart switches will let you control your lights from anywhere or even sync up with your TV to make it appear like you turned the lights off when you shut down for the night. Others let you set schedules for your lights to make it seem like someone is home when they aren’t or sync up with motion detectors for maximum security.

Making your home smarter doesn’t have to be an exhausting, expensive process. If you are looking to simply improve the value of your home, speak to a professional before deciding how best to act. There are plenty of affordable options available at local retailers or online that won’t break the bank. If you aren’t ready to invest yet, try out some smart plugs or switches first and see how easy it makes your daily routine. And remember: It’s a slow process. If you do have the money to invest in smart security, smart lighting or any other feature of your home, it’s best to start small and add technology over time.

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