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Best Apps to Learn a New Language

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Language learning is at its peak today, making it clear that polylingualism will be highly appreciated in the labor market in the next decade. Knowing English has become an imperative for many professionals, but it’s hardly enough. Today’s competition is led by the people who can speak three or four languages as near-natives.

Those who learned English as their second language will find nothing new in this information. They had to learn English as the language of international communication in addition to their native language (or languages). Immigrants or those who come from immigrant families are usually bilingual or trilingual, so they are in a better position.

For native English speakers, however, the need to learn other languages is rather new but hardly a trend they couldn’t predict. Nevertheless, language learning is not something one should be afraid of. It can be made fun and easy, especially if technologies are involved.

Here are several apps that can make learning a new language a pleasurable experience.


Babble is one of the most popular apps that you can find to learn a new language. Its curriculum has been created by experienced linguists. It combines traditional learning with an innovative approach and interesting quizzes.

The app offers several subscription tariff plans to choose from. The longer the period is, the less you pay. If you don’t like it, you can apply for a money-back guarantee and get your cash back. However, it doesn’t happen often given millions of excellent reviews.


Memrise is a relatively new app that is only growing its popularity. In addition to printed learning materials, this app also helps its learners to get used to how the language actually sounds. It has a collection of home videos with native speakers which is very helpful in language learning.

So go ahead, download this app and learn a few new words. If you are too busy, find someone to pay for essay and win a few hours for language learning. Believe it or not, it generously pays off.


You must have definitely heard about this app. Duolingo is very popular now. Many people would mention this app when asked how they plan to study a new language.

It all comes down to a gamification approach used in creating Duolingo. You don’t even notice how you learn because the process is very interactive and smooth. Moreover, if something slips your mind, the app will offer to repeat certain lessons for you to learn them better.

Rosetta Stone

Another interesting name on the list is Rosetta Stone. It takes care of your pronunciation and tries to build a true accent. Its goal is to help you immerse in language learning by actually feeling the language.

The fact is that this app has been around for two decades already. However, it’s becoming especially popular today when language learning is reaching its peak. No other app approaches accents with so much attention, so you’d better bookmark it.


Busuu is a new app that combines several modern and effective approaches to simplify language learning. Here you can find programs developed for students with elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels. All the materials are properly adapted to make learning indeed easier.

In addition, the Busuu premium plan opens access to 12 languages. You can choose to learn several of them at the same time as well as focus on just one of them.


If you are a visual learner, Drops is for you. It’s indeed a great tool to perfect your language skills if you lack vocabulary. Its design and teaching methods are developed to make you memorize the word along with its translation and uses.

This app is revolutionary because it prevents language learning from becoming monotonous. You don’t have to learn words by force. It happens in the most natural way. Give it a try!


Knowing a few languages is going to be a new must for landing a well-paid and interesting job. If you want to stay competitive or even beat them, start learning right away. Technologies will definitely help you with that.

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