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Ultimate Guide to Writing Impactful Outreach Emails

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Outreach emails are sent to promote content. The purpose of these emails is to ask for a back-link or to request collaboration or partnership from influencers. Outreach emails are not uncommon. You can open your spam folder and find a number of emails waiting for your reply. So do they even have any use?

The answer is yes. Email outreach does work and businesses still use this approach to get more conversions and sales. In this article, we are going to discuss how to send an outreach email that gets opened and replied to. 

Let’s dig in.

How to send the right type of outreach emails?

You need to create the right type of outreach emails to get replies. Cookiecutter and salesy emails end up in the spam folder. When done right, the audience finds such emails helpful and even interact with them. Such outreach emails offer value to the audience and bring you your desired results. Your business can benefit greatly when you start to send the right type of outreach emails. Some of the key benefits outreach emails can offer include:

Link building

One of the biggest benefits of sending the right type of outreach emails is link building. The truth is, the majority of link-building channels have made it necessary for a business to send outreach emails to further the process. 

Building public relationships

Building strong relationships in the industry is important for any business. That’s what outreach emails offer. You can build strong relationships with other people related to your industry through an outreach email. These emails help you reach out to relevant people in the industry. Some of the perks of sending out outreach emails include opportunities such as interviews, partnership, guest blogging, and more. 

Press coverage

You can also get press coverage with the help of an effectively written outreach email. To make that happen, you need to send exceptionally targeted emails to those journalists that cover your niche. 

The best practices to write a good outreach email

Various practices lead to the creation of a good outreach email that helps you achieve your goal. Some of these practices include:

Generating a list of targets

The first step of making your outreach email strategy a success is to ensure that it is sent to the right audience. We know, that’s common sense. In contrast, if you open the spam folder of your email you will realize that the majority of the emails you have received were never meant for you. Therefore, create a list of targets before writing an outreach email.

Create a template of your own

Many people believe the template is a bad word when it comes to cold email outreach. The first thing that crosses their mind, in this case, is spam emails that millions of people receive and they usually start with “Dear sir or madam”. These types of emails never work. Therefore, you should avoid sending them. On the flip side, letting go of templates completely is not right either. That’s because if you use a template the right way, you save a lot of time. 

Furthermore, you will require outreach email templates if you want to scale them. You can personalize these templates to suit your intent and target audience. 

How to develop your own template

The first step to developing your own template for outreach email is to look for inspiration. You will find various outreach email example templates online, but never plagiarize these templates. Use them as inspiration only. If you copy the template, your outreach email will look like every other spammy email people receive in their spam folder. 

Personalize your outreach emails

Once you have selected the template to take inspiration from, you need to turn it into your own. You can personalize it in a variety of ways. You can add humor or those elements that set you apart from your competitors. You can decide the length to suit your intent. Make sure you have written a catchy subject line with which to start your email. 

Write multiple emails. Go through each one of them and create different versions. Do a split test and see which one suits your business and your intent better. 

Choose the right email outreach tool

You can save a lot of time and effort when you have the right email outreach tools by your side. These tools help you scale up your outreach email when you need it. Some of the best tools to use include:

Pitch Box

The majority of outreach email professionals use this tool to create effective outreach emails. It includes workflows that lead you through outreach campaigns. 

Buzz Stream

This is one of the oldest tools used by market professionals over the years. It is an ideal tool to add to the SEO arsenal for small teams and solopreneurs. It helps them create and send effective outreach emails. 


If you want to pitch journalists, influencers, and bloggers, this is the right tool for you. It is a must-have, solid tool for an effective outreach email marketing campaign. 

Ninja Outreach

One of the most effective tools, if you intend to build links and improve your business’s SEO. 

Now that we know the key practices of writing an effective outreach email, it is time to look at some outreach email examples. 

Examples of outreach emails

There are various outreach email examples, each written with a different motive. Some of the most common examples include:

1. Inbound sales and follow-up outreach email examples

The best way to convert a casual visitor to your website into a happy customer is to email your inbound leads. You need to understand that every outreach email doesn’t have to be a cold email. Inbound traffic are leads that come to your website when visitors are searching for a solution to a problem. Here’s an example.

Your course registration 

 Hello {First Name},

We are pleased to have you registered for our recent course on “How to create an effective marketing strategy for a small business”.

If you are interested in more courses that help you develop a marketing strategy that converts, reply to this email. We will update you every time there is a similar course available. By replying to this email you will be informed through email when courses of your interest are available.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

The results offered by this type of outreach email are extremely impressive. These emails get opened around 78% of the time. Over 29% of recipients reply to these emails. According to a survey, the first email has the highest chance of being opened by about 35% of the recipients. 

You can use the following template to write a follow-up outreach email. 

Hello {First Name},

I wanted to check back on my previous email. Are you interested in receiving emails about more courses on marketing for small businesses? We can have a chat this week if your schedule allows.

I am looking forward to a reply from you.

Kind regards,

2. Outbound outreach email examples

Outbound emails are another great outreach email example. While they have their worth, it is not always possible to add them to your marketing strategy. These emails are sent to the leads that come from an already established source of traffic. Therefore, this approach may not work for startups and new businesses. 

You can send outbound emails to create initial traction. Outbound emails can also serve as an important channel for coupon marketing. Giving an exclusive discount to your targeted customers is an effective way of getting good results quickly. All you need to do is add the details of your ideal customers to the email outreach software to get in touch with your intended customers at scale. 

Marketing on Ecwid 

 Hey {First Name},

My name is Gregory.

The reason I have reached out to you is that I was visiting your website and I noticed that you have been using Ecwid as your ecommerce platform.

We offer highly-targeted marketing services to the online stores built upon Ecwid. We have already helped some of the most established companies with their SEO and PPC. If you want to avail of our services to grow your business, please reply to this email.

Please let us know if you are available for a brief call next Thursday at 1 PM EST?

3. Staffing and recruiting outreach email examples

Outreach email examples are not limited to selling a product or a service. These outreach email examples can be used to connect with a potential candidate for a job opening. More than 37.6% of talent teams reported that they have been using outreach channels to get in touch with candidates. 

This means instead of depending on job boarding or waiting for the best candidate to apply for a position in your company, take the first step and create staffing and recruiting outreach emails. Let’s take a look at an example, 

Looking for a professional Software Quality Assurance Engineer to Join XYZ Inc

Hi {First Name},

My name is Monona, the CEO of XYZ Inc. I came across your profile while looking for the best engineers with experience in assuring software quality. I am very impressed with your experience and background. Therefore, I have decided to drop you a note.

It might be new to you to see a CEO reach out to you to discuss a career opportunity. However, the success of our company depends upon finding the right people and putting them together to work on challenging yet fun and exciting projects. That’s why I invest a lot of time in finding the right assets for our company.

There is a position we’d like to tell you about, but we can get into that discussion once we hear back from you. Please reply to this email if you are interested in learning more about this position.

4. PR and link-building outreach email examples

Another reason for sending an outreach email is to build PR, an email you write when you want to spread the good word about your company. You can get the attention of journalists and influencers by using these outreach email examples. Writing a good outreach email can get your foot in the door whether you want a backlink from a famous website or news coverage. 

Keep in mind that you have only one chance to make a great first impression. By using the right template you can increase your chances of getting a favorable response. Moreover, it will also make you appear professional. 

Let’s have a look at the following example:

Free (Content Upgrade) for (receiver’s post)

Hey {First Name},

I found your article on (a famous post). I really liked it.

It inspired me to do more research and write my take on the subject matter. I decided to create something deeper. I reached out to you because I have recently published (content upgrade) on the (post subject). I believe it might be of interest to you. I have summarized the cogent points. This article is research based and includes sources to back it up.

Can you have a look and let me know if I should pass it along? I would love to get your opinion on this piece of writing.

Either way, Good luck with your work with (website).

Best regards,

Wrapping up

With the advent of social media platforms and other forms of marketing, email marketing has taken a back seat, but it is still extremely relevant when it comes to achieving certain goals such as building PR, requesting a backlink, collaboration and partnership and even getting press coverage. Outreach emails connect your business with the right and relevant people.

If you want to write effective outreach emails, you should look through outreach email example templates available online for inspiration. You can customize these templates to make your outreach email reach the right audience.

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