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Why You Should Hire a Freelance Expert for Your Marketing Campaign

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There are many occasions on which bringing in freelance experts can be a smart management choice for business owners. Typically, these are occasions when you don’t need someone on a full-time basis or with a deep core understanding of your company’s mission – but you do need a professional who is an expert in their field. Often, entrepreneurs can bring in freelancers when they need a job done that is outside their own area of expertise. Or, it may simply be that they need to consult with someone who has specialized training and insight.

How hiring a freelance expert can help with sales and marketing

One area where freelancers and contract workers can help a business owner is in the sales and marketing department. Even if you feel confident about your ability to effectively promote your product, a marketing or sales professional may have much to show you about how you can increase that effectiveness and meet your goals sooner. Experts in market analysis can help you specify your objectives, then collect and analyze pertinent data to yield a solution. 

Digital marketers who are experts in the technical aspects of SEO (search engine optimization) can help your site become more visible and attract more visitors. And content marketers help turn those visitors into clients.

What are the qualities of a good sales or marketing expert?

A person who excels in marketing and sales hasn’t just memorized some marketing mantras. They are good at what they do because of their emotional intelligence, creativity, communication skills, and capacity to adapt. And when you find a marketing freelancer to bring on to support your team, it’s important, also, that they believe in what you are asking them to help sell. Especially today, customers can easily detect a lack of authenticity in a sales pitch – and that is a turn-off.

Where can entrepreneurs find great freelancers to hire?

Finding great freelance professionals to hire in Canada is not difficult, thanks to online marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork, or If you go to any of these sites, you will be able to peruse a wide variety of freelancer profiles, read about the services they offer, check their reviews, and compare rates.

What if you need someone on a more full-time basis?

If you’re trying to decide whether hiring a freelancer or a full-time employee makes more sense, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Typically, hiring a freelancer is more affordable – but not always. It can cost your company more, in the long term, if you don’t have team members committed to your company and regularly available. So, a better consideration is: how long are you likely to need their services? If it’s only a seasonal need or related to a single project, hire a freelancer. For long-term needs, it may be better for you and your company to bring in a team member full-time.

How can you support your company’s sales and marketing team?

Whether you decide to hire a full-time employee or a freelance expert, you can support their efforts by investing in great software and other tools to make the work of marketing your company easier. Even if you don’t want to spend on having custom software designed for every aspect of your business, there are plenty of affordable mass-marketed packages or programs you can purchase which will improve your marketing efforts. Accounting apps, for instance, will help you make sure you pay your team members accurately and promptly. Security software helps protect your company’s data and that of your employees and freelance workers. 

It’s also a good idea to incorporate your business in Canada, and not only for the sake of the tax savings and added protection: as an incorporated company, your business has a more professional image and will attract more clients.

When you hire a freelance marketing or sales person to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for your company, this can make a big difference for your overall profitability. Marketing experts have an array of valuable skills that will increase your company’s visibility and appeal. When you do find a great freelancer to work with, this can become an important business relationship that benefits both of you.

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