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How Business Leaders Can Learn Digital Marketing in 2021

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No longer is “digital marketing” a befuddling new buzzword; these days, businesses need an intimate understanding of digital marketing to compete in their market, almost regardless of what that market is. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a successful digital marketing campaign. Business leaders everywhere should consider pursuing a digital marketing education in the following ways:

The Best Ways to Learn Digital Marketing

Researchers have thoroughly debunked the idea of different types of learners — visual, aural, kinesthetic, etc. Study after study on the subject has found no evidence that different people learn better in different ways; more often, the preference for a particular learning style doesn’t relate to a student’s ability to learn faster or easier. Instead, it seems that there is always a “best” way to learn, regardless of the subject material or the student: from an experienced coach.

The fastest and most effective way for business leaders to improve their digital marketing skills is to invest in a high-quality education from someone who has knowledge and skill in the industry. It is possible to find all manner of online digital marketing courses, from those designed for digital marketing beginners to those for professional digital marketers continuing their education. Some of the best business schools around the world offer such online courses taught by professors who have devoted the majority of their careers to studying and working in digital marketing.

Another excellent way to learn digital marketing in 2021 is straight from a digital marketing guru — in person. Business leaders can hire digital marketing consultants to walk them through the critical processes of developing and managing a digital marketing strategy. Though this is an expensive way to learn, it will provide an organization with high-quality digital marketing services as business leaders hone their skills.

The Good Ways

Of course, not every business leader can afford to devote time to a comprehensive digital marketing course or hire a digital marketing guru. Fortunately, there are other good ways to learn digital marketing from experts, though they are not as direct and intensive as the best ways listed above.

For example, business leaders can follow several digital marketing experts online. Leading digital marketers typically have their websites where they post blogs containing invaluable information about the digital marketing industry today. Many digital marketers are also active on social media, using Facebook and Twitter to engage and educate their audience about digital marketing trends.

Podcasts are another useful tool in learning about digital marketing. Audio programs that can vary in length from a few minutes to a few hours, podcasts are usually released on a regular schedule, be that several times per week or a few times per year. Business leaders can find digital marketing podcasts that fit their schedule, interests and skill level — a perfect way to conveniently incorporate digital marketing education.

The Bad Ways

Unfortunately, not all methods of gaining a digital marketing education are worthwhile, especially for the busy business leader who needs accurate information to boost their business. Generally, books on digital marketing are not particularly helpful in providing business leaders with the knowledge and skill they need to develop successful digital marketing campaigns in 2021.

First, most books tend to be a bit out of date. Some of the most popular digital marketing books were published in the ‘00s or ‘10s when today’s pillars of digital marketing like social media, eCommerce, and mobile browsing were quite new. Even books published in 2020 or 2021 are not likely to have cutting-edge information, as the lead time in traditional publishing is several months if not a year or two. Considering that the pandemic has radically shifted business structure in a matter of months, changing the demands of digital marketing, one can see how even the latest book might not offer all that much value to business leaders.

Effective digital marketing is crucial for business success in 2021, which means business leaders looking to build a stronger organization need to understand digital marketing strategies. Undoubtedly, it is best to learn directly from those who boast a deep understanding of the industry, but indirect access to digital marketing experts can also be beneficial. As long as business leaders prioritize gaining the most accurate, most updated digital marketing information, they will get what they need to succeed.

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