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How to Send a PDF File

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PDF files are the most convenient to read, scan, and print. They are used for documentation, educational or fiction books, user manuals, summaries, and even lectures.

Their main advantage is that the formatting is not affected, which means you don’t have to worry about prints or characters suddenly slipping to the top of the page. You can also merge several files into one or divide one large file into several smaller ones without losing characters or quality (if the file contains images). No matter what device the recipient has, the formatting will remain the same. If you use one program and the person opens through another, the pdf format will not be affected. You can’t make changes to files of this kind either, which means that the information will not be corrected or swapped.

But how is it possible to send pdf files without burdening the traffic? If you send documents via a file-sharing service, the recipient can open them from the phone. It is important to consider such nuances for a comfortable use of the data.

Let’s Consider Several Popular Ways of Sending Files, Their Advantages and Disadvantages:

Send to E-Mail

This method is used most often because it is simple; you only need to know the address of the recipient. The main disadvantages are that you can’t send large files; the system simply will not allow this. In addition, there is always a possibility to send a message to the wrong person. Here you need to consider the importance of the data in the file. If you are sending confidential information, contracts, or other securities, you should choose a reliable method. That way, fraudsters or unauthorized people won’t be able to capture the information.

Sending Files via Social Networks

A popular method, which is mostly used for small amounts of data. The disadvantage of this way is an insufficient level of protection, because messages may not be encrypted. Also, social networks set the maximum allowed size of pdf files. 

File-Sharing Services That Allow You to Upload Files to the Cloud

They can be viewed online as well as downloaded, sent to others, and converted. The advantage is that each document has a unique link. Only the person to whom you send the source can access the file. It’s only important to keep track of who you’re giving permission to the data. It doesn’t matter what device or browser the recipient has; file-sharing services work with any operating system. Most services do not even require registration. There may only be restrictions on file size. Choose the option that suits you best. If you send documents frequently, you can subscribe to a server and get access to more services.

Some systems allow you to regulate the transfer of pdf files or provide additional features. For example, it could be commenting on the information in the file, feedback, or if you need access to view only without the ability to copy the content. The choice depends on your request.

What You Need to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Way to Send Files:

A Simple and Intuitive Interface

This means you can quickly figure out how to use the system. The best services allow you to upload, post, and send files with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

Data Protection Concerns

This point is especially important for organizations that share confidential company or partner information. Make sure the service uses encryption for all data. There should also be options for deleting files after the deadline, such as three days to two weeks or a month. Some services also offer to set a password on the document that you and the person accessing the data will know.

Ability to Work with Files from Any Device

You can connect to the server from your phone, tablet, or laptop. This means that even when you’re away from home you can manage files, copy or send them.

Follow these simple rules to make the process of transferring documents simple and convenient. Be careful when sending files and use only trusted services!

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