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Top 10 Trending Designs and Styles for Business Cards

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Business cards are one of the trending and timeless things even in our digital era, and their role is still essential. Today business card designs are as inventive as ever. They are an excellent canvas for designers to push their creativity beyond the boundaries. They can showcase your business and its motto in an appealing way. So it is important to keep your business cards sleek, fancy, or a style that depicts your business and its services.

Ideally your business card should contain your company’s name and contact details like phone number, address, etc. You can finalize the material of cards, add some designs, experiment with fonts, play with colors, and create whatever suits your business and satisfies your creativity. To make sure your business card looks exactly the way you want, you can install business card maker software which can help you to design your business cards with different features like fonts, clip-art, colors, stickers, etc.

Business cards and their trends keep updating constantly, but some trends stay for a year or more. So, let’s look at the business cards trends for 2022 which are likely to be around for a long time.

1. QR Codes

How many business cards have you collected in your pocket or in your drawer? I assume many. And how many have you looked at recently? Only a few, maybe. And those few cards might have some unique features like QR codes. Yes, QR codes are the latest trend in business cards. QR codes can create a seamless transfer from a physical meeting to a digital connection.

As we know, QR codes are not new, but they are new and adaptable when it comes to the business card market. A QR code makes it super easy for the holder to go right to a business’ website or an individual’s personal portfolio, just by scanning the code.

Although QR codes seem like a small feature, they are actually pretty powerful.

2. Big Text

Another business card trend for 2022 is forming designs by placing large text front and center on the card. On such cards, the text itself is the design. It includes text stretched across the entire card, leaving little room for white space. The lasting effect is of text-heavy simplicity that communicates straight to the point.

3. Gradients

Gradients have been trending for quite some time now. Every year transitions between colors have become smoother. Gradients add volume to your business card by revealing your creative side. You can apply gradients as a background for your business card or use them to highlight your logo, text, or even graphics. Using magenta shades can make your business card look more voluminous and visually attractive. Also, you should consider placing colored gradients against a plain dark or white background.

4. Rustic and Natural Style

What started as a whimsical theme trend used in weddings and for furniture businesses has smoothly made its way to graphics. Now, companies are looking for a more rustic and natural style to implement in their business cards. This is useful in portraying long-standing relations.

5. Plantable Business Cards

What is better than a business card that can help the environment? Yes, a business card that one can plant! The plantable business card trend is growing. The material used is textured recycled paper with different seeds embedded below the surface. After taking all the necessary information from the card, you can tear it into small pieces and bury it. And that’s it.

Who knew business cards could also be a way to spread awareness and do your duty to protect the environment. This process forges a bond with your customer making your brand memorable for them.

6. Recycled Cardboard

If your company believes in eco-friendliness, be sure to show that to your clients and partners as well. A business card made of recycled cardboard showcases your efforts in making our planet a better place to live in. You can avoid using bright colors in these cards. The beautiful cardboard texture will work best with natural shades.

Using soft and refined hues for text and adding effects like gloss or embossing can help you to enhance the beauty of your business card. Always remember that your card must create an instant association with nature.

7. Clever, Complex, and Cute Cutouts

If you have been in business for a while, or even a short time, you might have stacks and stacks of business cards from partners, vendors, clients, etc., who you have met over years. And one thing that would be common in almost all of them is that they are rectangular.

But, a few will be eye-catching and trend setting, featuring abstract and iconic cutouts. You want to make your card ‘that’ card or ‘out of the box card’. In many cases, the snipped-away segment makes the card easier to grasp or to string on a keychain.

8. Unconventional Text Alignment

Taking typography to new heights in printed design, one of my favorite business card trends for 2022 is experimental text. Forget the usual left-to-right and explore here and everywhere inside your card’s edges. Just remember to keep clear readability in mind when free-styling on your designs because you don’t want to lose accessibility by hard-to-read creations.

9. Coordinating Color Ways

What does “coordinating color ways” exactly mean? It is alternately colored versions of the same business card. For instance, if your brand’s color palette is mint green, charcoal gray, and off-white, you might get business cards made up that have identical text where some are green with off-white text with charcoal accents, and some have charcoal with off-white text with green accents. Choose your colors, experiment, and explore all the different variations.

10. Smart Geometric Designs

Geometric designs will be a trend in 2022, not only for business cards but also for book covers, logos, product packaging, etc. With precise and intricate repetitive patterns, this design feels futuristic. Making it in an asymmetric or symmetric manner is your choice.

Whether you are starting a new venture or re-imagining the one you have been pouring your heart into for years, business cards are meant to set the tone while introducing your brand to new people. It is time to show the world a fresh perspective about your business. You can start by creating a special eye-catching card for your business.

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