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10 Perfect Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram Photos

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Instagram likes come with tons of benefits for your account. Besides helping you connect with real followers, Instagram likes enable you to stay ahead of your competitors. More often than not, if you have more likes, you are likely to improve brand visibility and conversions for your business.

Be that as it may, getting Instagram likes can be a daunting task for those who are just starting. To simplify the process for you, you can choose to buy Instagram likes from credible platforms like and many others. Aside from getting more likes for your Instagram photos, buying Instagram likes helps you fast track your growth strategy.

Whether you are an individual struggling to grow an Instagram account, a brand sourcing for more likes to improve brand visibility, or unable to get tons of likes for your Instagram profile, buying likes is an ideal option.

While getting likes for your Instagram photos may sound easy, the lack of a clear strategy may make it challenging for you to achieve growth. In this article, we explore various strategies you can roll out to generate more likes for your Instagram photos.

1. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience should be a top priority on the list. It would be time-wasting to share photos that do not address the interest of your followers. That way, you are not only likely to get a backlash from followers but make it difficult to get desired results.

The bottom line is researching to understand demographics, age, interests, buying behavior, and other factors that may give a clue about your target audience. This will help you increase likes on your Instagram photos.

However, ascertaining client persona makes it easy to plan your content strategy in a way that suits the needs of your target market. In the long run, you are likely to attract more followers who may eventually like your photos.

2. Use High-Quality Photos

Poorly taken photos are not only a turn-off to the target audience but also compromise the credibility of your brand. As such, you may not attract as many likes as you’d expect from your Instagram photos. For example, you should use a high-quality camera instead of a smartphone.

3. Ask People for Their Opinion

Asking people for their opinion is the ultimate way of attracting more likes for your Instagram photos. The more people comment on your photos the more likes you are likely to get. Of course, if they engage, chances of throwing likes your way are inevitable.

Additionally, try to be responsive by responding to their comments. That strengthens your relationship with your target audience making it easier for them to like your photos.

4. Share behind the Scenes Photos

People always get piqued by events surrounding behind the scene photo shoots. To excite your audience, try to share a bit of struggle you may have encountered during a photoshoot. If such photos aren’t enough to click the like button, then we aren’t sure what makes you happy.

5. Use Engaging Captions

Writing witty captions and sharing with friends is one of the proven ways you can use to increase likes on your Instagram photos. Spice up your captions and engage with followers to increase likes on your photos.

Whichever caption you use for your photos, ensure they are not only interesting but captivating. Alternatively, you can as well tag your friends on the photos. The more you tag friends the more you build a community that is likely to like your Instagram photos.

6. Make Your Instagram Account Public

Although this sounds obvious, it plays a crucial role in promoting and attracting followers. This not only increases the chances of Instagram promoting your account to the explore page but also enables you to engage and attract more people to like your photos.

7. Use Hashtags

Just like other social media platforms, hashtags are not only important in reaching out to the target audience but also showcase your Instagram account to new followers. Therefore, to get more likes for your Instagram photos, use hashtags on every photo you share on your timeline.

In addition to using popular hashtags like #tbt, use relevant hashtags that are directly related to your photo. A key point you need to note is that you should use Hashtags sparingly. This eliminates chances of Instagram perceiving you as a bot which may ruin chances of getting more likes for your photos.

If you do it right then you are likely to get more likes for your photos.

8. Tag Relevant Users

Depending on your industry, you should always create connections with relevant players in your sectors. The more you tag relevant players along with your photos the more likes you are likely to generate for your Instagram photos.

Whereas tagging relevant users is crucial, you need to understand the most appropriate time that you should post. That not only helps in reaching out to the right audience but also attracts likes for your photos.

9. Tag Your Location

Although some people may not like the idea of tagging their location to avoid disclosing where they are located, tagging your location is touted as a perfect way of generating more likes for your photos. This not only makes it easy for more people to find and like your photos but also builds a strong community with your followers. Meanwhile, as you build a community with your followers, you have to ensure that your physical coordinates are correct to appear on the map.

Generally, tagging your location attracts the interest of people near you who in return are likely to click the like button on your photo.

10. Run a Contest

Last on our list is running to win a contest. While contests require proper planning in order to gain the necessary likes to win the contest, it is an ideal way of sparking engagement for your Instagram photos. The crucial aspect of the strategy is ensuring that the price is not only suitable for your audience but also appeals to real fans as opposed to opportunists or those who just want to take advantage of the contest and disappear thereafter. In this case the focus should not be material offers like phones, trips, or cash. Come up with reasonable gift offers that you can deliver.

Remember running a fake contest and failing to award followers may turn out disastrous to the growth of your brand. Whichever number of likes you can generate from the contest, just ensure you reward a few fans to avoid running into trouble with your followers. The point is, never lie to followers since it may seriously affect the growth of your account.


Generating more Instagram likes for your photos requires the right strategy. Although it may be time-consuming, it is worth the trick. Alternatively, you can also choose to buy Instagram likes from reputable dealers like and many others. That will not only help improve brand visibility but also grow your profile. That said, you need to invest in a better camera to ensure images shared are of high quality.

Regardless of how popular you are, sharing high-quality photos goes a long way in attracting the interested people you intend to reach. Just like with any other content strategy.

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