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How Hiring an Independent Financial Advisor Can Help to Increase Your Wealth

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Avestar Capital is an independent financial advisory boutique that helps manage and grow their investors’ wealth. They also manage portfolios with great insight from a range of experienced Portfolio Managers who come from excellent backgrounds in the field of wealth management and a unique approach to the market. One of the brilliant minds at the firm is Raman Bhalla, a Portfolio Manager at Avestar Capital. He manages the investment trading and investment operations and works as the accountable manager of the firm’s Investment Committee.

Mr. Bhalla works closely with Sundar Subramaniam, who is a member of the Board of Directors and also looks after the oversight of the Investment Committee. He is the co-portfolio manager on our structured note and the offshore Cayman funds. As a portfolio manager, Raman Bhalla’s few responsibilities include, determining a client’s appropriate level of risk based on the client’s time horizon, risk preferences, return expectations, and market conditions. To achieve this end successfully, Avestar’s portfolio manager performs an interview to fully understand a client’s investment needs and ensure those needs are met.

To successfully construct portfolios that are later used to position client assets, Raman maintains an in-depth understanding of market conditions, trends, and overall economic outlook. To do this, he keeps up with relevant investment and trade news by reading timely, expert finance, or investment publications. Additionally, he meets with investment analysts and researchers to gain a better understanding of market conditions and domestic and global developments that may impact client account balances or future investments. Mr. Raman is primarily responsible for creating and managing investment allocations for private clients. 

Avestar’s portfolio manager, Mr. Raman is responsible for designing customized investment solutions for the clients. No two individuals can have the same financial needs. It is essential for the portfolio manager to first analyze the background of his client. Know an individual’s earnings and his capacity to invest. Sit with your client and understand his financial needs and requirements.

Mr. Raman is very well-versed with the latest changes in the financial market. He avidly suggests the best plan for his client with minimum risks involved and maximum returns. He makes them understand the investment plans and the risks involved with each plan in a jargon-free language. Avestar’s portfolio manager, Raman, has always been transparent with individuals and ensured progress with their investments in the majority of circumstances. Furthermore, he has been an ideal portfolio manager with his clients when it comes to being patient. One might need to meet them twice or even thrice to explain to them all the investment plans, benefits, maturity period, terms and conditions, risks involved and so on Mr. Bhalla has always made sure that no client feels hesitant with these things.

Mr. Raman plays a pivotal role in deciding the best investment plan for an individual as per his income, age as well as ability to undertake risks. Investment is essential for every earning individual. Unavoidable circumstances might arise anytime and one needs to have sufficient funds to overcome the same. He is also responsible for making an individual aware of the various investment tools available in the market and the benefits associated with each plan. Making an individual realize why he actually needs to invest and which plan would be the best for him. 

Mr. Raman has always been proactive and communicates with his clients on a regular basis. He plays a major role in setting the financial goal of an individual by being accessible to his clients. And “He does complete justice to his role of putting their hard-earned money into something which would benefit them in the long run”, says Xerxes Mullan, the Founding Partner and CEO of Avestar Capital.

A large part of Raman’s job involves maintaining client relationships. Regular contact with investor clients regarding market conditions, updated investment research, and economic trends are imperative to sustaining a viable book of business. Additionally, as part of their fiduciary duty, he meets with clients on at least an annual basis to ensure investment objectives have not shifted and current portfolio allocations are still in line with clients’ initial requests. Raman Bhalla also periodically evaluates the performance of predetermined investment packages and meets standards provided by regulatory organizations. For example, a portfolio manager must make timely changes to a portfolio that is no longer in line with initial investment objectives or allocation guidelines.

Besides being such an integral part of Avestar’s success, Mr. Bhalla also possesses extensive experience in hedge funds and portfolio management. Furthermore, he supervises the internal and external portfolios as he is the portfolio manager for all of the Avestar portfolios.

Clearly, Raman Bhalla has a keen understanding of the investment industry in a way that has proved to be beneficial for Avestar Capital. Moreover, his contribution has also been beneficial for our clientele, which has built their faith in Avestar over the years. Without a doubt, Mr. Raman is beyond a valuable resource for Avestar and aspires to make it grow, aligning his personal goals with the goals of the firm.

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