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5 Ways you can Implement AI in your Hiring Strategy

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Think of the movie Wall-E, the cute robot that is actually the epitome of the artificial intelligence we see today. It is an intelligent system that is excellent in what it does.

Now imagine taking that AI and applying it to your hiring. You’re probably not a techie like the folks in the engineering department, so AI in hiring might be an intimidating concept. But it’s easier than you think it is. You can totally do it.

With AI, HR teams can extract insights from data and give recommendations in real-time. Intelligent automation not only performs manual tasks but also makes intelligent decisions that any human would do – enabling machines to understand processes & deviations for optimal outcomes.

Here are the top five benefits of AI.

1. AI can make applicant sourcing faster

Don’t expect that you will understand everything when you receive job applications, especially the technical part. This is where you can use AI. This will simplify the language and use terms that are unfamiliar to you.

AI-powered sourcing means that you can search for things with meaning or intent but it also shows the skills of a worker.

AI-powered software can answer different questions like how to get high-performing candidates, or how long they will stay in your company.

AI-driven passive candidate sourcing will look through job boards and databases, but it will also look through every qualified candidate in the field. AI technology is a game changer for recruiters, as it gives them access to an accurate picture of both the talent market and your database. With this information at hand they can find qualified candidates with ease.

2. Applicant screening is made more efficient

During the screening process, you will notice that data changes and resumes are different. Employees with skills will have a good resume. The skills depend on education, location, and other things.

AI can find out the answer to questions. For example, it can tell you which candidate is most likely to succeed in this position. If a lot of people are applying for the company, AI can help by recommending jobs that match their education and skills.

AI can be used to screen application materials such as a resume, or brief on an applicant’s key competencies. AI-based screening tools can highlight which candidates should be contacted first and match them skillfully with open positions. These aids have saved HR departments significant time by cutting down immense pools of applicants into one manageable database that recruiters can search through quickly at their convenience.

3. AI provides intelligence to the interview process

Video interviews are a great way to connect with people. They can see you and you can see them. The computer can catch things that humans might miss, such as facial expressions or gestures.

AI can analyze lots of data without a problem. It will help you find details that other hiring managers and busy recruits miss. If you like, you can combine manual hiring with AI.

An employer can choose 510k experts from websites such as a freelance medical writer website and then use AI for interviewing these applicants.

4. AI helps in removing bias

You could use AI for talent acquisition to avoid bias in the recruitment process and find employees without judging them by nationality, race, gender, etc.

An unbiased software application does not discriminate against anyone. It will also not favor anyone. The selection will be fair and square.

5. Use of AI by HR bots

The HR bot is a major breakthrough for recruiters and HR administrators. Bots can do things that usually take a long time. They can juggle many basic, day-to-day HR tasks with ease, freeing up your HR professionals to focus on complex tasks that require in-depth expertise.

We are using more of these bots that understand what we say and can answer us back. This is used in tools that help people find work.

Bots can be used with HR. They are especially good for handling repetitive questions, like how to get proof of employment from the company.


There are many different talent acquisition applications in the market these days, but artificial intelligence is very common.

AI can do things for you. AI will make it easier to find the best person for a job by looking through data and will also help with hiring people.

Some companies will have a lot of use for AI in their HR. They will set up committees to help them decide how they want to use it.

Since AI technology does things like make choices, it is important to keep in mind that humans should check results. You need to make sure the data being analyzed is accurate and that the resultant output is good for the company.

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