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Disability in Tech: How Workplace Inclusion Can Drive Growth

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For starters, you may be asking yourself, what is disability inclusion? You should know that disability inclusion is not only about people with disabilities. The main focus is on ensuring the workplace values of each employee for the strengths they possess. Every employee needs an equal chance to succeed, be compensated well, advance, and learn. True inclusion entails embracing difference.

About Disability Inclusion

Disability inclusion is an important part of the business. The CDC released statistics that indicated one in four adults has a disability in the U.S. The statistics include invisible disabilities and visible ones. There is a likelihood that some employees at your workplace already have disabilities. If your business doesn’t have disability inclusion, it is an indicator that you’re not doing everything to support your current employees.

Disability inclusion is supposed to be an integral part of the hiring process. Firms that haven’t focused on implementing disability inclusion are losing qualified talent. If a potential candidate comes across some barriers during the interview and application process, or they learn that your company isn’t inclusive, they will look for employment elsewhere.

A firm with a disability inclusion program will have access to better talent. The employee retention rate will also be high. It means that your business has the necessary tools to ensure the employees will thrive.

Some of the ways through which workplace inclusion can drive growth include:

1. Retain and Recruit Better Talent

The unemployment rate is high for individuals with a disability. Fortunately, people with disabilities can visit atWork Australia, and they will get an employment opportunity that aligns with their skills and talent. Ensuring that your company has disability inclusion policies ensures it is possible to hire professionals with underutilized talent while boosting employee retention throughout the company.

2. Strengthen the Workforce

Disability inclusion can strengthen your workforce in the following ways:

  • Employees are in the pursuit of inclusive and diverse workplaces
  • Disability inclusion is an integral part of supporting the staff
  • Inclusion will build morale while employees will do their best

There is a need to have a proper disability inclusion program to support the employees. If your company doesn’t have an inclusion program, the employees can’t thrive.

Ensuring the workplace is inclusive makes it possible to improve workplace culture and morale. It will send an important message regarding the company’s values.

More employees who have and don’t have disabilities normally care about the company’s culture, and they believe it plays a major role in order to thrive at the workplace. Research showcases that employees value inclusion and diversity.

When employees believe the leadership will own up to building a workplace that is more inclusive, there is the likelihood of the employees respecting the leaders even more. Also, employee loyalty will improve significantly.

Inclusive practices are not only about supporting people that have disabilities. Inclusion will create a more supportive and accepting workplace for every employee. If there are good disability inclusion programs at your workplace, you’ll notice a better engagement rate.

3. Boost Innovation and Productivity

By referencing Maslow’s hierarchy, when most of our basic needs have been covered, the higher the likelihood of being free. When the employees are well cared for, they will spend less time on survival, and they’ll have more to give. If you’re more creative about empowering the employees, they will become more innovative since they will manage to focus more on their problem-solving skills.

Final Thoughts

If your company doesn’t have a disability inclusion program, you need to think of coming up with one. By doing so, your company will reap each of the benefits listed above.

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