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Technologies Helping Singles to Avoid Loneliness

Human interactions aren’t just for passing the time; they also contribute to your physical and mental well-being. Past research explains why loneliness causes depression, cognitive decline, and poor sleep quality, and cardiovascular dysfunction. One reason why loneliness is so painful is that you don’t have to be alone to feel it. Loneliness involves detaching from a place or people, even among friends and family. If you’re wondering what to do to avoid loneliness,the answer lies in embracing technology. The absence of active singles in your area isn’t an excuse to wallow in loneliness. Here’s how to avoid loneliness through technology.

1. Dating Sites

Free dating sites are no longer limited to hookups. Growing internet coverage and busy work schedules are taking the stigma out of finding love online. More people have embraced internet dating in the recent past to make it a multi-million-dollar industry. According to past statistics, America’s internet dating revenue was $602 million in 2020 and is expected to hit $755 million by 2024. A separate study suggests that couples who meet online want to have families more than offline couples. Internet dating presents numerous benefits.

First off, it’s easy to start. All you need to do is choose a dating platform, create a profile, and meet new people. Additionally, dating sites increase the possibility of meeting your match. Unlike offline encounters where you can approach anyone, dating sites use your profile information to match you to a suitable partner. Dating sites are also a convenient way of avoiding loneliness.You can talk to a potential suitor as long as you wish before meeting them in person. Online dating presents a large pool of suitors, allowing you to be as picky as you wish.

2. Avoiding Loneliness with Artificial Intelligence

Gone are the days when users would scroll endlessly through dating profiles to cure their loneliness. Artificial intelligence uses more than just shared interests to match individuals. For example, AI may use your matches’ common facial features to recommend partners and end your loneliness. Moreover, artificial intelligence can scan your profile picture for objects that might reveal your interests. Assuming your photo has a guitar, AI can match you to other music enthusiasts on the app seeking to end their loneliness. AI also prevents fraud by detecting suspicious activity. For instance, AI may flag profiles soliciting money from other users in exchange for love.

Artificial intelligence can also identify fake profiles based on messages, fake images, and IP addresses. Likewise, AI ensures members use dating apps for the intended purpose by filtering out pornography and political content. This goes hand in hand with correcting spelling mistakes. It’s not uncommon for users to ignore texts containing bad grammar. Again, artificial intelligence cures loneliness by encouraging offline meetings after a certain period of online interactions. AI also offers first-date ideas depending on users’ personalities and interests.

3. Chatbots

Initially meant for customer service, chatbots are now providing singles with comfort when loneliness hurts.With weakening social interactions, it’s understandable why loneliness hurts people so much that they seek intimacy from digital systems. Unlike human companions who come and go, chatbots are always available during moments of loneliness. There’s no limit to when and where you can vent to chatbots.

Computer specialists have also programmed bots to flirt on their behalf on dating platforms owing to the process’ time-consuming nature. This is according to a past Mashable story. Data expert Jeffrey Li created an algorithm that accessed his Tinder account and swiped on 100 women daily. Li would then start talking to these women after the bot landed a match. Programmer Robert Winters took this bot a step further by giving it the ability to hold basic conversations. Though Tinder eventually banned Winters from the site, the bot was part of 200 conversations at one point.

4. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality promises remote social connections that are more immersive than other communication channels. Unlike dating sites where you can lie about your appearance, VR dating cures loneliness by engaging multiple senses. In addition to seeing and hearing, this technology allows you to feel your partner through epidermal VR. Long-distance relationships are easier because you know your partner’s real-time behavior.

VR also eliminates the anxiety of meeting people in person. A past study suggests that virtual dates tell more about an individual’s personality than online dating platforms. You can also choose virtual date locations. For instance, you can stroll through your dream city or go to outer space. If you love adrenaline, you can recreate the feeling of crossing a shaky bridge or jumping off a plane.


Technology cannot cure all your loneliness. However, you can use it to avoid loneliness when circumstances prevent you from meeting people directly. How much loneliness can a person take? Tell us how to avoid loneliness using technology in the comments.

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