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6 Tips for Recovering a Water Damaged Cell Phone

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We’ve all been clumsy and have dropped our cell phone accidentally in the sink or possibly in the toilet when we are in a hurry. We have also left our phone in our pocket and caused it to be washed with the clothes. Getting your phone wet or soaked is fairly common but it can be very damaging to the phone. If you have gotten your phone wet, use these six tips to save your cell phone. If your cell phone is completely soaked, bring your phone to a phone repair shop near you such as cell phone repair Calgary, cell phone repair Burnaby, or cell phone repair Surrey for immediate phone repair. Most phone repair shops are adept and skilled at recovering water damaged phones by disassembling and cleaning the cell phone out for water for all phone makes and models such as Samsung phone repair Calgary.

1. Remove the Battery

The first step you should take after you take your cell phone out of the water is quickly get some paper towels or fabrics to lay the cell phone on while you take out the battery from the cell phone. This is the one of the important steps in saving your wet cell phone because there are several circuits inside a cell phone that will be damaged if it is soaked in water. Once you have taken out the battery, dry the battery with a towel or some paper towels. Don’t blow dry your wet phone or stick it in the oven! Heat can damage the delicate electronics inside. What you should do is give the naked, case-free phone a quick wipe with a clean towel, as mentioned above, making sure no water accidentally ends up draining into its charging port.

2. Remove the SIM Card

Remove the SIM card if your cell phone has a SIM card. A vital part of your valuable contacts could be stored on your SIM. Hence, it is important to save the SIM card to store all your contacts.

SIM cards survive water harm well, however getting it out instantly bodes well. Pat it dry and put it aside to dry out until you reconnect your telephone again.

3. Disassemble the Phone and Let It Air Dry

Remove every easily detachable part of the cell phone such as ear buds, memory cards, and phone cases. Expel all fittings that cover the holes and openings in the cell phone to open them to air drying.

4. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

You can try to drain water from the internal parts of your cell phone by using a vacuum cleaner. You can use a vacuum cleaner to extract all lingering dampness in your cell phone.

This is one of the quickest ways to totally dry out your cell phone and make it work in thirty minutes. However, this approach is only useful if the cell phone is mildly wet. If the cell phone is utterly soaked, you should bring the phone to a professional phone repair shop and have the shop recover the phone as soon as possible.

5. Check If Your Warranty is Still Valid

If all personal efforts to save the phone don’t work, you should check if your cell phone’s warranty is still valid. If it is, you can call your manufacturer and ask for a repair or replacement. If it is not valid, bring your phone to a professional repair shop for help.

6. Bring Your Cell Phone to a Phone Repair Shop

If you cannot recover your cell phone despite having taken all the steps above, you should bring your cell phone to an approved repair shop to minimize chances of further damage. This is particularly true if there is significant water damage to your phone from accidents such as dropping the phone in the toilet or leaving the phone in the washing machine.

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