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8 Features You Absolutely Need in a Mobile App CRM

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Mobile CRM – A growing trend that is becoming mandatory for marketers and product managers. We all know about the increasing ratio of customers that use mobile apps for our products. Now, this is the time to get into this platform and make the most of it.

Yes, you need data related to advanced segmentation, mobile-specific behavior, engagement, and much more. In simple terms, data related to mobile apps and consumer relations is crucial for every business owner today.

If things are still not clear, do not worry. Read below to learn about the 8 core features essential for a mobile app CRM:

1. Real-Time Customer Support Service

When customers are using an app for ease, you should also try your best to resolve queries instantly. This is only possible if an app supports customer service features.

Features like live chat can help customers anywhere and anytime. The chances of missing leads decrease, and customers receive a positive impression.

Furthermore, sales representatives will get access to consumer data and history. So, no matter how complicated a query is, representatives will be able to extract the former data and respond accordingly.

In addition, a prompt response decreases the time of the consumer buying journey. It will build trust and let prospects turn into consumers at a faster rate.

For instance, if a real estate agent is using mobile CRM for real estate, answering queries regarding the covered area, the number of rooms, location, etc., will not be difficult. Answer to these questions will enable customers to move to the next buying step.

2. Acquisition Tracking

The term “acquisition tracking” refers to the process of tracking leads from start to end. Its purpose is to bring new customers and increase sales. This is another essential feature that cannot be ignored in a mobile CRM. Its presence helps in knowing the customer journey. The journey starts when the prospect becomes the lead and ends when a purchase is made.

The following information can be extracted with it:

  • Number of prospects who entered the buying process
  • A common stage of leaving the buying process
  • Number of leads that converted into consumers

3. Customer Segmentation

App messages are useful in developing engagement. These messages become even more powerful when targeted at the right audience. Therefore, having a segmentation feature in mobile CRM is essential. With this feature, the CRM can segregate clients as per behavior, location, gender, preferences, etc. Clients can be targeted more easily and marketing campaigns can be enhanced.

4. Sharing, Storing, and Organizing Information

Customer service becomes easier when things are organized and stored in one place. Inability to access information instantly results in increased response time which in turn creates a bad reputation business reputation.

Today, business owners require storing and sharing features in a mobile CRM. In this way, even in the absence of managers, employees can extract useful information and respond to queries. It decreases dependency and brings an overall business efficiency.

Furthermore, when all data is kept in one place, employees will need to struggle less for information. Time-saved in this regard can be utilized in attending to consumer queries.

5. Automation

Automation is imperative for reaping the best results in less time. By setting up a few things automatically, you can avoid the legwork. For instance, you can set in-app messaging automation after a certain time. Likewise, you can send an automated email after every purchase or return.

These are just the basics of automation. Having this feature in your CRM app will enable you to do much more than this. Consequently, you can smartly automate all your marketing campaigns, save time, and achieve business efficiency.

6. Flexibility

Since you will be using CRM for marketing, communication, and business growth, flexibility is essential. Always consider an app that does not require any engineering and coding skills, otherwise you will need to hire an expert which will increase cost, time and prolong the entire process.

Specifically, there should be ease in terms of data analysis, report extraction, import and export of emails, integration of automation, etc.

7. In-App Messaging, Push Messaging, and Emails

If you have a small startup and you do not currently use the push messaging feature, do not neglect it. Sooner or later, you will need it for engagement. Having it beforehand will save you a lot of struggles.

Many studies have shown a positive impact on engagement with the correct use of in-app messages. Therefore, make plans to extract useful information with the CRM and then use it for targeting through push and in-app messaging. Additionally, you can also use emails to boost your marketing efforts.

8. Data Collection From Multiple Channels

Although the majority of your customers might be using an app, many other channels exist. How will you deal with clients on these channels? You need a feature that can conveniently collect information from all sources.

This means that your mobile CRM should be able to track all customers, irrespective of where they are. Yes, even if the customers have interacted through the web or sent you an email, the CRM should be able to track the data. Thus, it should act as a central system for all your consumer data.

In this way, you can send mobile notifications in various circumstances. For exampe, if a person has purchased a premium membership, you can send a notification of all the add-ons.

Wrapping It Up

In short, these are a few basic features that should be present in your mobile CRM app. Other advanced features like customer stories, company vision, team tracking, etc., are a plus point. No matter which app you select, make sure that it is constantly improving. If the developer is ready to make positive changes for better engagement and more business, the app is the right fit for you.

Have you tried any CRM app? How was your experience, and what features does it have? Share your views with us!

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