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Is AI Technology Your Friend?

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Technology has been evolving for ages, and every day, it has something new to offer. One such remarkable contribution is artificial intelligence. With the invention of artificial intelligence technology, work operations and other functions have gotten faster and easier. This revolutionary development aims to reduce the pressure on humans while some consider it a replacement, but that is improbable. It has become a resort for various organizations to provide an exquisite system and experience for their users. This virtual tool has been modifying lives and helps with information, data analysis, and other insights within a company.

Let Us Begin with the Definition of AI Technology

AI technology is considered a substitute for humans in providing solutions, creating opportunities, and accomplishing tasks. These machines are programmed to respond with human capacities for contemplation and judgment. AI helps deal with situations intentionally and with intelligence. Some define it as an interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches.

Norvig and Russell, the authors of ‘Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach’ explore artificial intelligence based on factors such as thinking and acting both rationally and humanly. It determines the behavioral factor and thought process confined within the AI technology.

AIs are often known for replacing humans, as mentioned above, but in reality, artificial intelligence technology is programmed to make decisions based on incorporated data. Their algorithms work differently from mechanical and passive machines because of sensors, digital data, and other programmed inputs. With its tremendous sophistication like storage capacities, processing velocity, and analyzing performance, AI has never failed to stun its audience.

Industries Using AI Technology

Undoubtedly, every organization and human being is exposed to artificial intelligence at least once in their everyday life. This could be through their smartphones, websites, or the materials they use. Artificial intelligence has swooped up various genres, niches, and startups, from cars to games to home appliances. According to Stanford University’s AI 100 Index of AI startups, the number of AI startups has multiplied fourteen times since 2000.

Here are a few industries that are popularly known to have partnered with artificial intelligence to elevate their business:


Tesla’s self-driving cars are incorporated with an AI mechanism that can signify the malfunctioning of certain parts, show directions, and provide emergency protocols. The car being able to understand the road and drive on its own is a known feature of AI technology.


The online market is undoubtedly a competitive ground, and understanding consumer behavioral patterns plays a significant role in marketing strategy and end-user satisfaction. Applications and websites of online retail use AI to observe and analyze their customers. This includes suggestions based on customers’ search algorithms and recommendations to related products. AI also powers the chatbots that pop up while you enter a website to answer the customer’s interest and queries. AI is used as a tool to enhance user experience and maintain customer satisfaction.


AI has indeed helped diagnose and identify various intense health issues and medical conditions. It helps sort out medical imaging, drug processing, and conduct machine surgery. Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery (AIDD) uses AI to understand the relationship between drugs and the disease at a system level. AI is also used as a healthcare tool to derive meaning from a treatment plan, analyze patient records, suggest potential treatment and other intellectual programmed processes.


Like e-commerce, AI helps the entertainment applications suggest related articles, videos, and shows based on the end user’s watchlist or search engine. Artificial intelligence is also used to add digital effects and editing, create creative content, and speed up production in the film industry.


A significant contribution of AI technology is its usage in building an encrypted platform for data, information, and personalization. Face or fingerprint recognition, passcode protection, scanning, and access cards are some of the latest forms of security used by access control software.

While these are some industries that widely use artificial intelligence, there are more like Food technology, travel, real estate, gaming industry, beauty industry, field service management, etc. It is safer to say that, in the present century, no industry, including start-ups, can expand or survive the market demand without the help of AI technology. There are famous companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and more that cannot move an inch without AI technology.

What Are Some of the Prominent Features Offered by AI Technology?

Facial Recognition

AI recognizes the user’s face with biometric mapping. It is used in mobile phones instead of passcodes, and law agencies use surveillance technology in CCTV cameras.

Data Analysis

When two or more devices are connected or two software synced, AI collects similar data, analyses, and organizes required information. It understands processes based on previous experiences and gathers information from sources into its data-storage medium.


These AI features are found in almost every service-based website. It works great for customer service and other automated functions. It understands commands and provides suggestions to users as required.


Storage space is an essential component for any business. AI has been upgraded to help with cloud computing. It helps the organizations work more efficiently and with a proper strategy by having all their data automatically updated into the cloud and accessed around the clock.


AI is also an efficient personal assistant that can help you find anything in the digital world. With voice assistants like Siri, Google, and Alexa, everything from scheduling on our calendars, navigation, lights, music, and information has become automated around us. It helps save time and effort as opposed to being done manually.

From all of the above testimonials and features, there are still speculations about AI technology having the power to replace humans. However, creation can never replace or overpower the creator. The technology works based on its programming and attained data. It has sustained a more balanced and smoother life unless exploited for personal gains by the corporate industry.

To answer the question, ‘Is AI technology your friend?’ YES! AI technology has supported us in various forms in our daily lives to make it easier and nothing less. With its extended features and growing power, AI technology has developed an intellectual and intelligent platform for significant deployments like finance, healthcare, national organizations, transportation, etc. It helps with generating a substantial economy and livelihood for its users. It has resolved major complications, issues, and implications impossible for humans. It is, without a doubt, an influential and one of the most used human innovations.

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