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5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Profiles

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If you have a business or a personal brand, your social media profiles are an essential part of your visible presence on the internet. You must take the time to ensure that they are professional looking and constantly kept up to date. Always remember that customers and anyone else who views your profiles will form their opinion through the information available as they have nothing else to go on. Does this sound like something you can improve upon? Are your social media profiles all over the place? Here are five ways to improve your social media profiles.

1. Learn

Learning from your mistakes on social media should be of paramount importance. You will make mistakes but just ensure that you learn from them so that you can constantly improve your presence. Learning also entails learning about marketing, social media, branding and business in general. The better education you have the more people trust you and the more effectively you get your message across. Going to college is one option to improve your business prospects and with search engines that allow you to see thousands of scholarship opportunities and apply for them, the costs won’t be as high as you think. You can also build your profile to help you match with relevant scholarships.

2. Be Consistent

You are likely to have a profile on a variety of different social media platforms so it is vital that you stay consistent. Different platforms are often suitable for different demographics so how you use certain platforms may differ, however the information available must be consistent. Despite there being different demographics for each platform, there will be some crossover and the possibility that you will appear in search results of your name. If the information is not consistent you will be presenting a confusing public profile that may put off potential or even existing customers.

3. Add All Relevant Information to Your Profiles

You should be always keeping your profile up to date with relevant information. If you are posting information that doesn’t relate to your business or brand, it could potentially turn customers away. This is especially the case for businesses. You shouldn’t be posting about things that do not relate to your business, as those who look at your profile are not concerned with that. It is also healthy for you to have a separation between your personal life and business life. Also keep all contact information and links to websites and other information up to date so that it is easy for customers to get in touch.

4. Be Considerate

Consider those who are reading your profile and don’t try to skirt or cross any lines in an attempt to gain an audience. There is often a temptation to create content or have your profile presented in a way that you may deem original, yet it may be offensive to others. Rather than attempt to create views through controversy, you should be creating a profile that is honest. Not being considerate also runs the risk of you losing customers and followers. Always remember that it is easy to find social media profiles and you don’t want a mistake to follow you for the rest of your life.

5. Pin Important Posts

If there is important information about you or your business then you should utilize the ability to pin it to the top of your profile. Those viewing do not want to have to spend a long time scrolling through your profile to find the information they want. Pinning posts also allows you to get out messages easily and effectively. You should make sure that any pinned posts are still relevant as they are the first thing viewers will see and if it is out of date, it is of no use and may be misleading.

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