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Live Streaming Shopping in 2022: Best Practices

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The retail landscape is more complex and more online than ever. Across this increasingly tuned-in space, brands are looking for ways to boost their sales and retain their customers. Be it beauty, cosmetics, fashion, consumer electronics all industries today sit side by side, jockeying for a sliver of consumer attention.

A live streaming shopping model is where retailers, influencers, or celebrities market and sell products and services via a reliable live video shopping platform where they demonstrate and discuss products and answer audience questions and queries in real-time.

Livestream shopping isn’t new, it started in China and soon spread across the globe. During Livestream shopping shows, hosts, generally celebrities, influencers, or brand advocates tell their stories, demonstrate and launch products and interact with the audience. The format generated $60 billion in sales globally in 2019 with China far in the lead, and only $1 billion of those sales taking place in the U.S. As per reports, live video shopping is estimated to make a flabbergasting $60 billion annually.

Best Practices for Live Streaming Shopping in 2022

1. Use Best Quality Equipment

Great input, of course, leads to quality output. In other words, the equipment you employ, whether it’s cameras or microphones, will have a direct influence on the quality of your live shopping show. The end result will certainly be faultless if you take care of the equipment you utilize. You can go for equipment like a professional backdrop, like one with your logo, tripod stand, ring light and audio mixer, etc.

2. Choose Your Equipment

Choosing a reliable live stream shopping platform is very important for the success of your brand. Live Shopping Platform can help companies engage new and existing shoppers directly on their website or app. Unlike other live video shopping platforms, ours allows customers to add goods to their basket and make purchases without leaving the broadcast. Furthermore, you can simply assess the KPIs that evaluate your buyers’ activity during shopping shows with our platform!

3. Have a Plan in Place

Without a plan in place, your live shopping show would look unprofessional and boring, automatically weaning the audience away from your live stream shopping show.

You are not, however, required to come up with the full script straight away. An outline with subjects to discuss, on the other hand, would keep your live shopping show on course. Additionally, a call to action during a live shopping show would ensure that you get the desired results.

4. Engage With Your Audience

Answering questions live is the million-dollar method to make your audience feel appreciated and heard. In some ways, by addressing their queries, you’re encouraging audiences to come back for more of your live shopping shows. Furthermore, you may enhance engagement by asking viewers questions, providing them with exclusive offers, deals, and coupons, and conducting live competitions and giveaways.

5. Allow Your Guests to Take Over Your Live Stream Shopping Shows

Turns out, bringing onboard a new host or guest is one of the fail-proof strategies of live streaming shopping shows because it breaks the monotony of your live stream content, and mostly, it brings in fresh perspectives. Simply said, influencers have the potential to increase your readership.


The advantage of live video shopping is that your shoppers now feel as though they are part of your live stream shopping show and are influencing what you do. A live stream shopping show won’t be limited by location or time zone, and it’s certain to be watched by a large audience.

Live online shopping provides enormous benefits, and every industry is eager to learn how to use it. A live shopping platform indeed can be a great platform for repurposing your content and boosting your brand image. offers an unparalleled live streaming shopping platform to help your business reach a wider audience. Additionally, it will show prospects that you are innovative and leverage the latest technology to meet their needs. also offers pre-built integration for Shopify. Now Shopify owners of all sizes can install our “Live Shopping & Video Streams” Plugin and go live.

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