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The Benefits of Hiring a Graduate

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The Covid-19 pandemic led to an unforeseen issue with recruitment – The Great Resignation. Whilst we thought people would stick to the jobs they have for stability, many actually chose to re-evaluate their life decisions and resign from their current jobs in search of pastures new. This caused a staff shortage across many different sectors, resulting in the rise of the candidate-driven market.

The candidate-driven market means there are more job vacancies than available candidates, and this has meant employers have had to look elsewhere in order to fill the available roles they have. One group of candidates that should never have been overlooked but historically always has been is graduates. This is because too many recruiters focused solely on experience rather than potential, but in today’s market, this can’t be the way forwards.

If you’re hesitant about graduate recruitment, here are just a few of the benefits of doing so – especially in today’s job market.

1. Unmatched enthusiasm

Graduates are fresh out of education and by this time are typically raring to get going. They have a drive and enthusiasm for work that is rarely seen in those with more experience, mostly because getting a job and giving it their best is their only priority at this point in their life. It’s this energy and eagerness that makes graduates great hires – especially if your team is feeling a bit stagnant and lackluster.

You’ll find that they’re keen to learn new things and are highly appreciative of the opportunity they’ve been given, and this translates into a great worth ethic and an unrivaled passion to do well.

2. A fresh perspective

The next great reason to hire a graduate is because they offer a fresh perspective on things. They have an outside view on market trends that can prove to be invaluable as too often people get too close to their sector and end up with the blinkers on. A graduate won’t have this and will typically be younger than the rest of your team, too. This can bring with it an adaptability and unique insight that you may otherwise be missing.

3. No bad habits

The more experienced a person is, the more likely they are to have bad habits, and this can be detrimental to the way your company works, especially if those habits aren’t in keeping with best practices. The good thing about graduates is that they have no bad habits – they’re a clean canvas ready to be molded to suit your needs directly.

With the right training and opportunities, they can be developed into some of your most prized employees. You just need to invest the time and money into homing in on their skills.

4. Lower salaries

From a business perspective, the major benefit of hiring a graduate is that they don’t need as high of a salary as someone with more experience, so if you need to fill a role but don’t have quite as much of a budget to do so, giving a graduate a chance could be the solution. Of course, you need to pay them a fair wage, but because a graduate role is an entry level position, you can afford to pay them less in exchange for providing professional training.

It’s important to note that a graduate role is just that, so don’t make the mistake of demanding more senior responsibilities and only paying a graduate wage. This is both unfair and an easy way to get a bad employer reputation.


These are just a few of the benefits of hiring graduates, so, will you be considering a graduate to fill your next vacancy?

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