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4 Reasons and Solutions That You Can Use When Your iPad Isn’t Charging

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Having your iPad battery die during a vital business meeting or a movie session is an unenjoyable experience. While there are different reasons that affect your iPad’s charging ability, there are four main components may be affecting your iPad charging’s ability:

  • iPad’s lightning cable
  • iPad’s power adapter
  • iPad’s charging port
  • iPad’s software

Learn how you can quickly determine which components of your iPad are affecting your iPad’s charging ability and how you can fix the issues.

1. Lightning Cable

An old or worn out lightning cable is a common reason why an iPad won’t charge. When you take a look at your lightning cable, is there any fraying or discoloration on the lightning cable or connector? If there is, it’s time to purchase a new iPad lightning cable.

Some problems with lightning cables may not be visible. Even if your cable looks like it’s in good condition, it can still be broken. To test whether your iPad lighting cable is fully functioning, charge your iPad with it and see if it charges at a normal pace. If your iPad doesn’t charge or charges slowly, there’s something wrong with the lightning cable. If you charge the same iPad with a different lightning cable and the iPad charges at a fair pace, there’s something definitely wrong with the initial lightning cable. If this is the case, you can purchase a new one at any CaseMogul location.

2. Issues with the iPad Power Adapter

If you’ve crossed out the possibility that there’s an issue with the lighting cable, plug the lighting cable into different power sources to see if your iPad charges. If your iPad charges when you switch to another power source, there’s an issue with your power adaptor. If this is the case, purchase a power adaptor at any CaseMogul location.

3. Issues with the iPad Charging Port

An iPad’s charging port can collect dust and debris over time, which can eventually prevent it from charging properly. If you’ve noticed your iPad isn’t charging, check the charging port on the bottom of your device and remove any debris. Then, plug your charging cable into your device. You’d be surprised how often a dirty or clogged port is the issue!

The best way to clean your iPad’s charging port yourself is to use an anti-static brush, which can be purchased online. Anti-static brushes don’t give off electric charges, which could potentially damage the inside of your iPad while you’re cleaning it. Be careful not to go too deep into your chargeport when using an anti-static brush.

If you don’t have an anti-static brush, you can also use a can of compressed air. Never use any liquids to clean your repair port!

Overall, you want to be very careful when cleaning your charging port so you do not cause any damage. You can have your charger port cleaned by a professional at a phone repair store such as phone repair Calgary, phone repair Burnaby, phone repair Surrey, iPad repair Surrey.

4. Issues with iPad Software

If none of the solutions mentioned above work, your iPad’s charging problem could be software-related. In this case, restarting your iPad may do the trick.

To restart an iPad with Face ID:

  • Quickly press and release the Volume Up button. 
  • Quickly press and release the Volume Down button. 
  • Press and hold the Top button until the iPad restarts.
  • To restart an iPad with the Home button, press and hold both the Home button and Side or Top button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo. Once you’ve restarted your iPad, plug it in for at least half an hour and see if it charges.

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