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Why You Want to “Buy Spotify Plays Cheap”

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What does every Spotify musician want? Fame? Money? Well, of course, he wants all of that. But what does a musician want on a more domestic level? I have the answer – every musician on Spotify wants to buy Spotify plays cheap. Wow, that sounds like a beginning of a sales text. But let me assure you, I will not try to sell you anything in this text. In this text I want to dive deeper into the matter of Spotify, its algorithms, and find out, what things make musicians look for music promotion. Today we will be surgeons, operating Spotify.

So, Spotify is the largest music streaming service on the planet. Maybe on other planets there are music streaming services, but on the Earth, Spotify is the biggest one. Spotify was launched in 2016, if I remember correctly, and since that time it has been the most popular service ever. No other platform even comes close to the size of Spotify, even its competitors. But what makes Spotify such a great place for musicians? Well, this question is easy to answer – high royalties, ease of use, and good connection with the audience. 

At the same time, the same things that attract musicians, turn them away from Spotify. Those high royalties, are not as easy to earn as they sound, the connection with the audience is true, but you have to have the audience in the first place, and the ease of use is mostly about uploading, it’s not about the future of the song.

And those algorithms that were claimed to make everyone’s life better, seem to make it worse somehow. Since the algorithms are soulless, they are just machines, they don’t have musical taste, or any idea of how the good music should sound like. So these algorithms operate on strict mathematical rules – they have their equations and tons of programming, that makes them choose the right track for you. But not every time these algorithms work as they should. Especially it is true about musician’s perspective. For a musician, these algorithms don’t seem to work that well or work at all. How many times did a mediocre musician upload the track but receive no attention? Well, he is mediocre, why should we worry? But on a good platform, even a mediocre musician deserves attention, and he didn’t receive that. And let’s not count all those times when big musicians were left outside from the party after the release. It just proves, that those algorithms are faulty at some points. And to battle those faulty boys, the musicians decided to start promoting the music. The right services have appeared, and now almost every young musician looks for a good service to pay to buy those plays for cheap. No one wants to pay a lot, and everyone is looking for a good balance between quality and price.

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