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5 Key Benefits of Using A Phone Screen Protector

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You can increase the longevity and protection of your phone by using a screen protector. A screen protector can prevent your phone screen from being cracked or facing other damages when you accidentally drop your phone onto the ground or if your phone screen gets in contact with another physical object. This protection helps prevent you from visiting your local phone repair store such as phone repair Calgary, phone repair Burnaby, or phone repair Surrey for phone repair services such as iPhone screen repair Calgary.

There are a number of benefits of installing a screen protector on your phone – here are the top five reasons that you should know!

1. Complete Coverage for the Phone Screen

Phone screen protectors are durable, long-lasting, and scratch-resistant. In addition, most premium screen protectors cover the entirety of your screen. Whether you have a relatively larger phone such as an iPhone 13 Pro or a smaller phone such as the Google Pixel 4, a tempered glass screen protector will cover your phone’s entire screen. Furthermore, most premium phone screen protectors also come with a warranty. Additional features of typical phone screen protectors include:

  • Cut-outs for speaker grills and front camera to assure that phone experience is optimal and seamless
  • Matte that prevents glare or smudges
  • Protectors that enhances privacy by allowing the screen to only be seen from the angle of the user

2. Screen Protectors are Invisible

Today’s tempered glass screen protectors are leaps and bounds better than those from several years ago. You don’t have to worry about yellowing, clouding, or unresponsive touch inputs. Tempered glass screens are fabulously thin and transparent. Installing them on your phone is like having an invisible shield over your phone’s display. Many screen protectors offer a 99.9% transparency rate, allowing you to enjoy the content on your phone screen clearly and easily.

3. Screen protectors enhance privacy

Privacy screen protectors offer cell phone users a way to keep their private data hidden from prying eyes. Through the use of a privacy screen protector, the information on a cell phone is visible only to the person who is directly in front of its screen when looking at it straight on. When the phone is tilted at an angle, however, the contents of the screen become masked, keeping electronic data confidential and blocking the view from anyone other than the user. Privacy screen protectors are perfect for business users who do not want anyone else seeing their company’s confidential information, or for anyone who is conscious of personal privacy.

4. Screen protectors reduce glare

Anti-glare screen protectors cut down on the glare on a smartphone’s LCD screen by using a matte finishing coat and diffusion means to reduce the consistency of reflected images. This ultimately allows a smartphone user’s eyes to strain less (and thus become less tired) from having to squint due to the glare coming from their device. Anti-glare protectors also improve screen visibility by cutting reflections and glare from bright light. This enables owners to utilize their devices more comfortably by reducing eye tension.

5. Screen protectors prevent the sticking of fingers

Ultra-clear screen protectors are the standard type, and they are made to be as unnoticeable as possible so the screen clarity is unaffected. They are usually ultra-thin compared with other types and offer a shiny, smooth surface that users can easily manoeuvre across without sticking.

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