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OTT(Over-the-Top): Everything You Need to Know

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The past decade has been a game-changer as the expansion of technology has brought in a sea of changes in how people consume their content daily. With the inception of Over-The-Top (OTT) media services, the audiences have shifted from mainstream entertainment mediums such as Cinema and television to the OTT platforms. The reason being that the OTT platforms provide them everything under one umbrella.

The popularity of the OTT market can be gauged from the fact that the segment is expected to grow at 16.7% CAGR and reach $332.5 billion by 2025. Easy internet accessibility and the roll-out of 5G technologies in the future will further strengthen the hold of OTT industry and improve their popularity.

Seamless payment options have played an important role in the rise of the OTT platforms. A free-flowing payment option is as critical as providing high-quality content, and the OTT service providers understood this right at the beginning itself.

Before planning to actually proceed with the idea to build an OTT app a business would be interested to know about the cost to develop an OTT app, as the app caters the audience with a wide range of entertainment options to choose from. Because of the variety of the content that OTT platforms provide, the audience is hooked, resulting in increased customer retention.

What is the OTT Platform?

As the name suggests clearly, the OTT platform is a medium of audio and video streaming services that don’t need cables to provide the desired content to the audience. It uses the internet instead of the pre-existing infrastructure to stream the content for the users and has proven to be successful amongst its targeted audience.

Why is OTT Media Popular?

The digital audience, especially between 18-34, has become used to the term ‘binge-watch’. This helps the OTT internet streaming services generate more average revenue per daily active user as the user uses the platform for a longer period.

OTT services are very viable and easy to use, as you need only an internet connection and the app on which you wish to avail of the service. In addition to this, the price of the OTT platforms is very low compared to its more traditional counterparts.

The AI-based search method and prolific usage of big data allows the streaming services to provide content according to user’s preferences. It saves the user from being exposed to unwanted content and helps in keeping their interest for a longer period.

The freedom to choose what you wish to see is the most appealing thing that has made the OTT content delivery platforms popular, especially amongst the millennial audience.

Let us now see the advantages of OTT platforms and how they are proving to be a goldmine of profit for your business.

Benefits of OTT Services

OTT platforms create a win-win situation for both consumers and businesses. They offer better advertising prospects and strategies than traditional business models, thus providing a better chance of business expansion.

Proper Customer Segmentation

With the OTT apps, the marketers can bifurcate their customers’ categories according to their likes and dislikes. This precise user segmentation will enhance the process of targeted advertising and play an important role in increasing revenues.

For example, if your user likes to watch standup comedy specials, you can give them a suggestion list featuring the standup specials and target advertising accordingly.

Enhanced Efficiency

Modern-age Entertainment App Development Companies develop OTT apps to leverage modern technologies at a better price and give a competitive edge to the businesses.

For the consumers too, Over-The-Top Streaming platforms are valued for money as they are paying to watch things that they like.

It is better and more cost-effective than cable television, where most of the content goes unwatched as it is inefficient and not according to consumers’ preference.

De-bundling of the content and going OTT is the way for the Entertainment & Music Industry to reach more users and render more personalized services to their customers.

Strategic and Effective Expansion

Unlike the traditional programmatic advertising, OTT platforms work on Demand-side platforms (DSP), as it is a highly effective method to connect the marketers and advertisers with their targeted audience.

With DSP, the marketers can monitor the placements of ads and their frequency on a minute level and allow them to manage the ads properly and increase market penetration. Apart from targeting the ads, with the OTT space, advertisers will be able to strategically and effectively track the audience’s response from the various customer segments.

Application of OTT

Traditionally the services that were provided offline using tangible physical materials are now disrupted by the apps and are going over the top. Top mobile entertainment app development firms are developing the OTT applications so that the services that were initiated physically can now be completed using the digital medium.

Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, Hulu, etc. have revamped the strata of Video on Demand (VoD). Now, more and more cable providers are forced to provide quality content.

Be it buying stocks and bonds online to book a cab or a taxi using mobile apps, OTT apps have disrupted the traditional model and escalated the service level to the users.

OTT Devices

Due to the emergence of sleek and robust Over-the-Top technology devices, the users can stream their favorite content without worrying about the size of the screen. Roku, Fire Stick, and Chromecast are some of the finest devices through which the user can stream their favorite content on big-sized televisions, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

In addition to this, the emergence of IoT devices has helped users in operating the OTT apps through different mediums without hassle.

The OTT devices give the content providers the freedom to provide more personalized services to the users as the suggestion list would be made based on the interests of the user.

Skyrocket Your Market Growth

We need to understand that the OTT platforms are the most preferred and popular option to consume content in the digital age. They are changing the way the world views TV and video, the demands of the consumers are evolving at a rapid pace.

These evolving demands compel the service providers to render a more personalized service. But as the OTT media houses are accessible anywhere, the Entertainment & Music business owners would have a better chance to interact with their audience, which, as a result, will increase their sales numbers.

The Leading OTT Platforms That Rule Over-the-Top Media Service

Among all the streaming platforms, some big OTT players have caught the users’ attention and thus have developed a formidable and ever-expanding user base.


The streaming platform has over 200 million subscribers worldwide, which makes it an obvious front-runner. Netflix produces the largest number of original content amongst all its peers and thus has an impeccable subscriber growth.

Amazon Prime Video

One of the largest companies in the world, Amazon, holds a strong foothold in the OTT service arena. Their platform has over 175 million subscribers, and the business strategy of the streaming platform reveals the willingness to change and improve. Amazon is one of the most dynamic platforms as if the user buys the subscription of Amazon Prime; it also allows access to other channels like Showtime and HBO. Thus it renders additional viewing options to the users.


The biggest name in the entertainment industry, Disney, has awesome content on its OTT platform. Despite being the newest entrant in the arena, the platform had over 10 million subscribers within a short time of its launch. And currently the platform has over 118.1 million subscribers worldwide.


The platform has a subscriber userbase of over 43.8 million, and in addition to the original content, it also offers sports cable packages and live TV components on their OTT medium.

OTT Platforms – Future of Entertainment

In the last five years or so, the OTT media services have grown rapidly. Along with the US, the OTT services are getting popular in other markets, and there are no signs of a slowdown in the near future.

There are over 300 OTT content distribution and content publishers worldwide, and this number is enough to provide an idea of the expanding horizon of the streaming platform.

Mobile app developers play an important role in this ever-expanding industry as people prefer to stream their favorite content on the app wherever they are.

The future landscape of the OTT media will depend on the innovation and adaption to the users’ changing demands.

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