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Nine Really Great Ideas to Boost Instagram Followers

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You’ve got a super brand, you’re a small or medium-sized business or perhaps you’re an Instagram influencer who’s just starting out, there’s no doubt that managing an Instagram brand isn’t always easy.  You do need to dedicate time to it, to grow your Instagram followers and get noticed.  You also have to keep thinking of new, innovative ideas, so your brand stays visible, and those ideas need to be engaging or you won’t grow your followers on Instagram.  We’ve got some great ideas at 1394ta to help you grow your Instagram following and get more Instagram likes and views.  From in-feed posts to stories, and even live Instagram TV – see how you can keep your audience engaged and inspire others to follow you on Instagram!  There are other ideas here too on building powerful social media marketing – but read our article first to find out how to really grow those Instagram followers!

Try a Puzzle

We already know that Instagram focusses on images and video – why not try something different for your audience to do?  Instead of posting a video or an image, create a cartoon that makes your fan base stop and think.  Perhaps do a brain teaser or a puzzle.  Create it using some simple images and reveal the answers in a later post.  See who gets it right and mention them in your feed (people love an Insta mention!).  Have a design that resonates with your brand and keep it consistent, so if you post a puzzle every couple of weeks, use similar imagery which makes you instantly recognizable!

Give Your Audience a Challenge

How about a weekly challenge or a monthly challenge?  Perhaps challenge your audience to doing something completely different every day for a week, whether it’s going for a run in a different place every day or planting fruit and vegetable seeds or posting a video a day about what’s for dinner.  Get creative!  Maybe it’s trying a new hairstyle every day or wearing a different color?  Do something that your fans could engage with – and encourage them to post their challenge images tagging you on their own feed. 

Get Others to Caption an Image

Find an image that you want to post – anything that’s brand-related or even if it’s not, it doesn’t matter.  It could be a funny image for example, something that looks like people or animals could speak!  Invite your audience to caption it – and give the winning caption a prize.  Perhaps a freebie or a 20% off code (or why not offer everyone who enters a discount?).  Remember to comment on every caption – Instagrammers love being replied to, it builds up an Instagram rapport.

Tell Everyone About You

Grow your Instagram followers by being real.  Take some time to find a couple of images of you and write a brief story, of where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going – plus why you use Instagram.  Don’t be shy to get personal, people really like to hear about your personal journey as then they draw parallels to their own personal life too.  Encourage people to comment by asking them a question at the end.

Tease Your Audience

Got a new product or service that you want to launch?  Why not post a teaser!  A countdown is a good way to involve your audience, 7 days to launch, 6 days to launch etc…. or ask your audience to guess what your new product or service is!  Perhaps the winning entry could win what you’re launching?  Or certainly offer a discount!

Have a Flash Sale!

Every once in a while, run a 12 hour or 24-hour flash sale – just for Instagrammers, this encourages someone to tag their friends as wow, you’re doing something for less!  However, make sure it’s just for a short period of time and showcase it on your story.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone!  Run these sales every two or three months but don’t warn your Instagram following, the idea is that it’s a flash sale!  It should take your following by surprise.

Interview Someone on a Live Story

Perhaps you know someone notable in your area or you have a great brand ambassador?  Maybe there’s a famous person living down your street!  Or someone that you know your audience would like to hear more about.  Why not do a short, 3-minute interview?  If you have a team of people working for you, interview a team member!  Make it fun, ask different types of questions, don’t be boring and don’t be shy to step out of the norm and be a little bit naughty if you want to.  It’s all about getting the shares and the views after all…Be controversial if you must!

Show People How to Use Your Products

If you have a product whether it’s clothing, skincare, sports equipment, cooking equipment or you have a skill – you’re a chef, you’re a fitness trainer, a nail technician, perhaps a hairdresser – do a live instruction video and show people how you do your skill.  Teach them some tricks so they come away having learnt something.  They will always want to know more if you do something well and it’s easy enough for them to learn to do.  Be natural, talk someone through what you’re doing and do it slowly.  Always recap at the end but remember, videos shouldn’t be overly long.  Short and to the point is the key.

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