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How Guest Blogging is Excellent for Authority Building

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Whether you’re new to modern online marketing or a proficient SEO expert in the industry, you must’ve come across the concept of guest blogging. It’s one of the most refined, result-driven, and cutting-edge ways to increase online business visibility, performance, and credibility.

Regardless of the content type, the quality is what matters the most. Sometimes, the best of the content strategies fail once launched because they don’t drive value for your customers. Converting audience into customers is every SEO manager’s top priority, and if you’re one of them, we reckon you go for the guest blogging method. Guest blogging, AKA guest posting, is a primary way to increase brand authority.

Guest blogs are research-intensive, value-adding, and extremely focused on a particular domain. It’s written by industry experts that have the right and authentic information about their field of work. Ultimately, the target audience of guest posts is also niche, consisting of those who want to delve deeper into the offerings of a particular business.

All in all, guest blogs are a reliable source of information that drive benefits for the readers and the business.

Important Guest Blogging Statistics You Must Know

According to credible reports, 3% of the total online blogs feature almost 100 guest blogs per month. A good guest blog contains somewhere between 1,000 to 1,500 words. These blogs are replete with strategically placed keywords and unique information. There are two things that guest blogging has a direct impact on: brand authority and domain authority.

Brand authority is a term used to describe a business’s market standing. Increasing brand authority means that you’re trying to set yourself as an industry expert. Whereas increasing domain authority maximizes your chances of ranking high on SERPs.

When it comes to guest blogging, SEO experts need to understand that it’s not similar to writing articles and blogs for a website. Guest blogs need to be backed with strategy, purpose, and an objective. Without clear goals and objectives, guest blogs cannot drive domain or brand authority. Using the right backlinks, keywords that generate leads, and incorporating field-specific information are ways to maximize guest blogging results.

Here are some more ways in which guest blogging can increase your business’s online authority.

Amplify Brand Awareness

It’s a no-brainer that guest blogging is a key way to increase brand awareness. By providing pragmatic, research-backed, and stat-linked data to the target audience, businesses can improve their market standing and exposure. Guest blogs are published on different platforms that contain posts from industry experts on diverse topics. Using this tool can be a game-changing initiative for any business that wants to make a mark on digital platforms.

Leverage guest blogging opportunities to attract niche customer groups and to let them know what your company is about, its offerings, and how it’s making a positive impact.

Provides Prompt Exposure to Targeted Traffic

Guest posts, whether they’re linked to a business’s website or not, can be the pinnacle for creating brand exposure and gaining higher traction. Guest blogs can easily engage customers and pique interest in them to learn more.

A top-notch guest post can drive customer traffic, and then, there’s no going back. Once you get the hang of using guest blogging as your content strategy, you’ll be better able to optimize landing pages and CTAs to compel the interested audience. This ultimately plays a pivotal role in improving the conversion rate.

Guest Blogging Shortens the Sales Cycle

Yes, you read that right. Guest blogging can significantly reduce the sales cycle, making it easier for businesses as well as their customers to buy and sell products and services. In marketing, the sales funnel is a tool that allows businesses to calculate the total time required to fulfill orders.

This concept also applies to content marketing strategies. Meaning: the sales cycles on online platforms will comprise the total time between posting content and converting a reader into a customer.

This is where guest blogs can influence readers much faster than blogs and articles or any other form of content. Guest blogs build an immediate brand persona and allow the target audience to understand the brand’s value proposition, ultimately shortening the sales cycle. As long as content marketers are careful about using the right keywords, backlinks, and compelling CTAs, there’s no other reason that can cause guest blogging failure.

However, one factor may create some trouble for brands: spam bloggers. These bloggers pay platforms to get their guest blogs published. And in contrast, a business’s guest blogging strategy needs to be genuine, relevant, and educating.

Some of the other benefits of guest blogs that can drive traffic and increase brand authority include:

  • Network expansion
  • Grow social media following
  • Increase brand awareness and exposure
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Quality lead generation

With the increasing popularity of Guest Blogging Services, more than 76% of writers and editors plan to publish at least five guest posts per month. It means that now’s the time to start strategizing guest blog plans as the competition is all set to get cut-throat in the next few years. After all, it’s true what we say in the content marketing industry, “Content is the King!”

So why not leverage the power of guest blogging, newsletters, white papers, influencer marketing content, and website blogging to stand out?

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