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Does Anyone Actually Use Twitter Anymore?

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Twitter – founded in 2006 and still one of the world’s biggest social media platforms. Some seem to think the platform is losing its spark. However, when stats show that the number of people using the platform increased dramatically last year to a hefty 396.5 million users, we wonder what most users actually do on Twitter? We dive into the productive, professional and pretty helpful ways to make the most of your Twitter account as a content marketer.

Find and Interact With Your Audience

When you first join Twitter – and we’re talking as an individual here, not as a business – finding your footing can be a tricky task. It’s not like Facebook, where it’s as simple as sending a friend request to your auntie and browsing her recent holiday photos, nor is it like Instagram, where you upload a whacky profile pic, write a quick caption and the jobs a good ‘un – for the most part at least. Twitter is a gateway to a whole new world – from crazy conversations and hot off the press topics, to communities formed from common ground or – at the other end of the spectrum – trolls that like nothing better than winding people up. And let’s not forget the spams and the scams – if you’re into certain topics like crypto, you just can’t avoid it. There really is a space for everyone on Twitter, especially as a content marketer.

How do you find your audience on Twitter? Where do you look for the content marketing community? An excellent place to start is the search bar. You can search by keyword or hashtag and then narrow your search by people or tweets. See the latest content marketing chitchat in real-time; take a look and see what people are tweeting about right now. Do this, and you’ll soon find others, with accounts big and small, also paving their way on the marketer’s Twitter.

Start Insightful Conversations

Insightful conversations can begin on Twitter as soon as you send your first tweet into the world. Connect with professionals or people who have similar interests, discuss hot topics, discover industry insight, and share your knowledge. Alternatively, use hashtags to search for trending topics that interest you and join the chat by replying and engaging with other users. Twitter allows you to interact with tweets from a massive range of users. Perhaps you’ll fall into conversation with an expert in your field, or maybe you’ll build a bridge between you and someone whose industry interests you. Personally, I’ve connected with a wonderful spectrum of people, from experts in Deconstruction to modern-day druids, Peruvian chefs to Bitcoin billionaires – all in the name of research.

Network With Like-minded Individuals

Networking – probably the greatest reason to get yourself active on Twitter. Linking up with like-minded individuals and the people making waves in your industry can heavily influence the trajectory of your career as a content marketer. From learning essential insights from the industry experts to being introduced to new opportunities, using Twitter for networking alone is a move worth making.

Find Your Dose of Feel Good

Despite many thinking the opposite, Twitter isn’t all doom and gloom. There are plenty of feel-good accounts to follow to ensure you get your daily dose of positivity whilst scrolling. In his research paper ‘A Boost of Positive Affect’, Social scientist Nathaniel Lambert discovered that people who consume good news regularly tend to be happier than those who don’t. In his four-week study, participants documented experiences that made them feel grateful, uplifted and more satisfied with their lives. A few of our favourite accounts to follow include Some Good News, The Happy Newspaper and Positive News.

Stay Informed and Up to Date

Just as you keep up to date with all the good news of the world, Twitter is a great place to keep informed with current affairs and the latest global news. See what’s trending in real-time without having to dredge through news sites or turn on the TV. Using push notifications, Twitter will also update you on the trending tweets within topics you choose to follow – perfect for the content marketer who wishes to stay on top of industry trends when they happen.

Unleash Your Creativity

Believe it or not, Twitter is a brilliant platform to unleash your creativity and put your art into the world. Interact with accounts like One Minute Briefs to challenge your skill and get your mind racing or take a gamble and share your latest infographic or blog with the online world. Let Twitter be your stage, and get ready to discover your audience.

Discover New Forms of Inspiration

Just as you get ready to put out exciting and creative content in the online world, Twitter is a great place to discover new forms of inspiration. Watch how other brands, influencers or creatives interact with one another, respond to trends or keep their audiences engaged and take note. Follow campaigns that you love, writers who craft copy that motivates you, and you’ll find a whole host of material and resources to inspire and inform you and your work.

Grow Your Personal Brand

Create and put out content that you feel passionate about and become known for topics of your picking. Interact with your audience and create valuable connections all at once. Share your valuable insight, express your opinions on recent happenings, watch your personal brand grow and inspire the next generation of content marketers.

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