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How to Instantly Secure log4j (The Most Prevalent Global Vulnerability)

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Online systems always have threat of vulnerabilities as hackers often manipulate them. Log4j is a global vulnerability associated with open source programs. It has emerged in December 2021 and has affected millions of computers worldwide. It was declared as one of the worst vulnerabilities. Let’s look deep into it.

What is This Vulnerability?

It is a piece of software that is used to record all activities that run in a computer system. It works for a wide range of computer systems. It is widely used to keep the backup of all activities on server.

How is It Abused?

It is abused by Log4Shell that enables the users to implement customized code for formatting the activity log messages. It usually records the login username, but when it is abused it records the real name of user also. In the same manner, it is capable of fetching sensitive information when used in malicious way. It can get control of any computer and deliver malicious content to it and the computers communicating with it.

How to Cure It?

Every problem has multiple solutions and also there are different ways to manage this vulnerability. One of the best solutions is to use its upgraded latest version that is safer. Along with it run-time protection is also rescues against it and other susceptibilities. SCA tools are also helpful to apply run-time protection.

Let’s explore some more options to cure this vulnerability.

  • Update the library to the latest version
    the latest version 2.17.0 is the safest and all other versions are impacted by exploitation. So, the best way out is the use of latest version. But it can be difficult or time taking to upgrade all the application using this piece of software. The run-time protection is the best alternate in this situation
  • Utilize the log4j susceptibility scanner
    Use a scanner program that quickly finds the applications that are impacted and then you can upgrade them. It saves the time and effort. The scanner initiates a string and sends it inside the URL to acquire each domain and IP address that needs to be scanned. Once the connection is established, it confirms all the susceptible libraries.
  • Customize Java System Properties
    If system upgrade is out of consideration, that go for changing properties of your Java system. For some lower versions such as 2.10 to 2.14.1 responses are available that can help improving the security.
  • Restricted JNDI
    It is assumed that JNDI Lookup plugin observes a fault that is responsible for this dangerous vulnerability. So, disabling this plugin is an easy way to enhance security.
  • Upgrade firewall ad invasion protection system
    Use the latest firewalls and security systems to secure this vulnerability.
  • Implement multi-factor authentication
    To secure data breaches, some general precautions can be effective. Use of multi-factor authentication and constrained VPN policies can secure in case attackers get access to the network.
  • Implement Huntress Tester
    huntress tester is another scanner that test for any impact of this vulnerability on the procedures and data that passes through APIs.
  • Run an Apache survey with vendors
    Apache survey provides a good assistance to the security teams in discovering the third-party vendors that use impacted software or cloud services, in any case.

Bottom Line

Although it is a critical vulnerability that is difficult to avoid while using open source codes, there are methods and tools available that can save the systems and data. The present need is more vigilance and attention.

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