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4 Tips For Reselling Sneakers On Social Media

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There are different types of sneakerheads. For instance, there’s one who’s in it because of
nostalgia, another who’s just passionate about sneakers and loves to collect one, and the last are those who’re in it to profit

And today, the culture of searching for unique pair of kicks has moved from waiting in line at a
shoe store to using the internet to cop them. In fact, the sneaker market of buying and selling
unique kinds of sneakers has grown worldwide, hence, the proliferation of resellers online

For sneakerheads who would like to profit from something they love, here are four tips you can
consider when reselling sneakers on social media.

1. Join Cook Groups

One way to make things easier for you when reselling sneakers on social media is to join exclusive communities of sneakerheads called cook groups. Cook Groups comprise sneakerheads, resellers, and buyers looking to get insider information, reselling estimates, and all sorts of guides on purchasing sneakers.

Joining such groups allows you to learn more about this niche, helping you boost your reselling venture. The types of information one can pick up from cook groups include:

  • Bots

Perhaps, another notable benefit of joining a cook group is having access to bots.
Essentially, sneaker bots or shoe bots are software or applications that help you cop
limited-quantity sneakers by quickly accomplishing the signup and checkout process
through automation.

Cook groups can provide you the opportunity of renting a bot or sometimes even getting
to try it for free. This opportunity from cook groups can be very beneficial for resellers
who’re just starting or if you haven’t decided yet on which sneaker bot to purchase.

  • Price Drops and Restocks

Cook groups generally use high-end monitors and tools to help you save time and money from researching the type of sneakers you can buy, the price, and the release date. Instead of manually combing the internet, you get real-time reminders about restocks and shock drops.

  • Group buys

Tools like proxies and bots can be expensive. And so, becoming a member of a cook group can give you exclusive rights to products and deals you can use to level up your sneaker reselling game.

  • Backdoor Connections

Backdoor connections are employees of shoe stores who’re looking into selling their
shoes. Instead of literally waiting at the physical shoe store, you can reach out to a
backdoor connection who’s already in your community. Although, keep in mind that not
all cook groups have this kind of connection.

  • Support

Copping the sneakers you want can already pose a challenge, and the last thing you need
is to spend a long time setting up and learning how to use a sneaker bot. Cook groups are
the best place you can tap to get reliable technical support.

And so, if you want to shorten the learning curve, joining cook groups can be a good way
for you to start your reselling journey.

2. Know Your Audience

In selling any type of product, you must know your audience. With the proliferation of websites
and social media platforms, it’s essential that you know where your ideal customer hangs out.

For new resellers, it can be tempting to create an account on all the social media platforms
available. This thinking, however, might work against you, especially if you keep on using social networks that are already saturated with sneaker resellers

For that reason, consider pouring your efforts on one social media platform first, then perhaps
add another one once you’ve gained the needed traction. In addition, with millions of people on
social media, it can be impractical to try and sell your sneakers to everyone, so focus your
attention and resources on reaching your ideal customers first.

3. Take Good Pictures

Taking good pictures doesn’t require professional cameras. In fact, all you’ll need is a
smartphone, a clean, plain background, and proper lighting to ensure that the details of the
sneakers you’re planning to sell don’t disappear in your photos.

As a reseller, you always have to remember that an original well-taken photo can do wonders in attracting your customers on social media. Having original images of the sneakers you’re selling is essential to establish your integrity and authenticity to potential buyers.

More so, experienced sneakerheads know that counterfeits usually lift photos from other
websites, so don’t forget to protect yourself by adding watermarks to your pictures.

4. Create Informative Descriptions

Great pictures are just half of what can help you level up your sneakers reselling gig on social
media. An excellent social media post also requires an informative or attention-getting caption.
Basic information can include shoe size and style code.

Other helpful information you can put in your description can include the condition of the
sneakers if they’re:

  • LE: Limited Edition
  • OG: Original
  • PE: Player Exclusive
  • DS: Deadstock

As a reseller, you must include detailed information about the sneakers you post. This is
particularly useful when you’re selling worn sneakers. Buyers generally hate it when they’re
duped, and the best way to avoid getting flagged as a scammer is to be transparent with any
issues on the sneakers.

Also, keep in mind how easy it has been for people to spread good and bad news on social
media, so be upfront should there be any issues with the sneakers you’re selling.

To Wrap Up

Reselling sneakers isn’t just about flipping old shoes or purchasing limited edition ones and posting them online. Suppose you’re aiming to become successful in tapping a very niche market. In that case, it’s essential to arm yourself with knowledge about the sneakers you’re selling, decide what kind of ideal customer you want to reach, and capitalize on the advantages of using social media.

The insights presented in this article can be your initial guide as you start your reselling journey.

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