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What is CDN in Web hosting?

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Content delivery network (CDN) is a state-of-the-art technology solution for maintaining high-speed sites. But despite the fact that the CDN is gaining wild popularity, due to the many advantages, cdn hosting is not the same as traditional web hosting, and therefore does not serve as an alternative. They exist in pairs, where everyone performs their tasks:

  • Traditional hosting remains a haven for the main content of the site;
  • CDN hosting helps to avoid delays in downloading content by users and ensures performance, reliability, and security of the connection.

Thus, the combination of traditional hosting and CDN allows you to meet all modern requirements for sites, keeping everything at speed.

Why is Traditional Hosting Not Enough?

For a long time, traditional hosting was enough to ensure stable and secure operation of the site. However, something in the world of Internet technology has changed:

  1. Sites are often forced to use high-quality video, audio files, advanced animation, and other high-volume multimedia content. In this case, the farther the server is from the consumer, the slower the traffic.
  2. Globalization is becoming more tangible. Until recently, high-quality Internet was available only in large cities, but today it is difficult to find a village where there are no Internet providers. As a result, traffic flows become heavy and the server is faced with increased traffic. CDN allows you to distribute the load between several servers evenly and therefore helps to effectively deal with this problem without unnecessary costs and without technical difficulties.
  3. Audience expectations have grown, as has competition between companies. High site speeds are becoming the norm, and audiences can no longer respond loyally to delays.

Thus, ignoring consumer impatience is a strategy that leads to reduced sales. Modernity dictates new conditions where good quality multimedia content matters. Consequently, CDN hosting is becoming a necessity that allows you to keep up with the times.

Why is CDN Hosting Cheaper?

Cost reduction is due to the fact that the load is distributed between different servers, and pre-cached, which reduces the amount of data for delivery. This means that you will have less bandwidth from your main hosting provider, and thus, you will minimize not only the service but also your own costs of maintaining the site.

At the same time, servers make your content closer to consumers. For example, G-Core Labs has the largest number of servers. They are evenly distributed in dozens of countries, constantly delivering terabytes of data in seconds.

For Whom is Such a Technical Solution Relevant?

If you have a small one-page business card site and no video or audio files on it, you can do without CDN hosting. Instead, all the benefits of technology can be assessed by:

  • Various financial institutions;
  • Powerful online stores, international marketplaces, whose popularity is growing rapidly;
  • Streaming services that offer music and movies in high quality;
  • Websites of medical institutions and educational organizations;
  • Websites of bookmakers and online casinos, etc.

So, if you want to increase the flow of users to your site, be prepared to use CDN hosting to cope with this task.

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