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6 Common Samsung Galaxy S20 Problems and How to Fix Them

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The Samsung Galaxy S20, successor of the Samsung Galaxy S10, is one of the most robust Android devices on the market. While the Samsung Galaxy S20 is highly impressive, it does have issues over time with wear and tear.

Here are five common Samsung Galaxy S20 problems and solutions that you can use before you visit your local phone repair shop such as phone repair Burnaby, phone repair Surrey, phone repair Calgary, or Samsung phone repair Burnaby.

1. The battery drains too quickly

If your battery is empty far too fast after charging, your display may be to blame. To remedy this, turn off Always On Display from Settings > Lock Screen. You can also turn down your refresh rate to 60Hz from Settings > Display > Motion Smoothness > 60Hz refresh rate.

2. Smart Unlock isn’t working

Smart Lock is one of Android’s more advanced features, but it can malfunction for a few reasons. Ensure that your GPS is enabled and that your location has been updated. It can take a moment to recognize that you’re in one of your Trusted Places. If that doesn’t work, you may need to wait for a software update, or you can workaround the issue by setting up a Bixby Routine.

3. The refresh rate is changing

While the S20 series phones all feature 120Hz displays, this doesn’t mean that every app that you use can support it. If you notice your device switching between 60Hz and 120Hz, then there may be a compatibility issue. This issue can also happen if the device is overheating or if your battery level is under 5%.

4. Fingerprint scanner doesn’t recognize your fingerprint

If the fingerprint scanner on your device doesn’t recognize your fingerprint, there are a few steps to try. First, if you have a new phone, double-check that the plastic screen protector has been removed from the scanner. Next, clean your phone to get rid of any excess oil or smudges that may be interfering with the scanner. If it still isn’t working, delete your saved fingerprints and re-register a new one.

5. Notifications aren’t displaying

​​​​Another common problem is delayed or missed push notifications that aren’t showing up on your home screen. Often, this is a result of battery saving features that are baked into your Samsung Galaxy S20. Check if your apps are on the “battery optimization” list by following these steps:

Select Apps > Configure apps > Battery optimization > All apps. From this screen, disable any apps that you’re missing notifications from.

6. Bluetooth devices aren’t connecting

If your AirPods or other Bluetooth devices won’t connect, you likely need to reset your settings. Clear your Bluetooth cache by entering Settings > Apps > Bluetooth > and tapping ‘Clear Cache.’

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