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5 Video Marketing Tips Every Small Business Should Use

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With the wide consumption of video content on social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, online video content has emerged as one of the most powerful and influential marketing approaches available in the marketing space.

Brands can use video content to engage with their consumers, showcase their latest products or services, present live videos of events, and more. To help you engage in effective video marketing to promote your brand and connect with your target market, we have recommended five video marketing tips you can use.

1. Develop a content calendar

Viewers expect regular content updates, so it’s important to think of your videos in terms of campaigns instead of posting videos at random. Think of stories that you can tell and break them into multiple parts, posting a new update each week.

After you’ve established the content of your videos, create a publishing schedule.

Establishing and maintaining a consistent posting schedule will encourage your audience to come back for more videos. You can also space your videos out over time and use them to lead viewers up to a big product launch or exciting announcement.

Continue to implement new campaigns according to your posting schedule to keep your audience engaged in your content.

This will also help to establish your business as a leader in your industry if you post consistent, helpful video content.

2. Create tutorials and demos

Videos are great for explaining how your products or services work. By using video marketing, you can create content that demonstrates how to use them. If someone has a question about your products or services, they can view your videos before purchasing.

For example, if a customer wants to buy a new pair of shoes for hiking, they can go to YouTube or other popular video platforms and check out video demos from their favourite shoe brands. Then, they can compare the shoes to find the one that’s best fit for them. By creating video content related to the customers needs, you can engage with your prospective clients during their shopping process and convert them into paying customers.

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3. Share A Compelling Brand Story

If you’re like us, you love good stories—stories that reel you in and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Incorporating stories into your video content is a great way to heighten viewer engagement. Instead of only introducing your company, your mission, and your products, look for ways to tell stories with your videos. More, showcase how your company impacts your clients.

Craft your unique story, and use videos to share it with your audience.

4. Include customer-generated content

People love seeing themselves in videos, so why not make your customers the stars of the show? You can encourage your customers to create videos while using your products and services, then post those videos to your social media profiles and website.

When people see themselves in the videos, they will likely share them with friends and family. This is a cost-effective way to gain exposure in the news feeds of a wide audience of online users. Moreover, when your customers share their customer-generated videos on their social media feeds, they’re vouching for your products or services to their friends and families. This will help you gain more customers since consumers trust their peers’ opinions.

5. Optimize videos with SEO content

Optimizing your videos for social media channels such as YouTube and Instagram are important ways to gain more brand awareness from your target audience when they’re searching for information related to your video content. To optimize your videos, you can include keywords in your video descriptions. For example, if your video is about dog supplements for senior dogs, make sure the video title and description include keyword phrases related to “dog supplements for senior dogs”.

You can also take advantage of YouTube’s tagging feature, which determines the relevance of your videos and groups similar videos together. This will help your video appear as a “related video” when viewers watch similar content.

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