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10 Methods to convert your Social Media Fans to Regular Blog Readers

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One can smoothly convert social media fans to regular blog readers and generate website traffic. This can be done by following ten super excellent methods mentioned in this article. It is possible by posting quality, intriguing, and progressive content. You need to increase your brand awareness, target the right audience, and develop and enhance your credibility to convert your fans and followers into regular blog readers. 

Every business on social media that looks amazing might not have enough traffic on its website. Significantly, if you have a blog and want to get it recognized, your social media platform can help immensely. 

Your efforts do not reap fruitful results because you do not use the right strategy or use the right strategy at the wrong targets. Social media is one of the biggest marketing platforms that can help you generate traffic for your blog. 

You might not feel good if you have an excellent social media fan base and many followers, but your blog is deserted and needs more traffic.

People have become much more aware of social media’s benefits to their business and skills. They showcase their skills on social media and get hired by outstanding organizations. Similarly, many business holders use social media to increase their sales and get more customers.

They put a lot of effort into creating more social media traffic that can add value to their business. Many tend to buy social followers to increase their audience and customers. 

How You Can Get Blog Readers from Social Media

There are several ways of doing that. One of the best strategies to do anything is by doing it organically and steadily. Things done at a different pace of time and speed do not give desired results. 

Consistent posting of quality content is pivotal to generating more traffic for your blog post. There are several other ways, both organic and inorganic, to get more blog traffic.

You can use social media to get more and more readership for your blogs. Following are the ten best methods by which you can convert your social media followers into regular blog readers. 

1. Progressive and Intriguing Content

Best of all methods to convert social media followers and fans into blog readers is to post progressive content on your social media. Your users are not robots or aliens; they are also humans who would love progressive and intriguing content. 

Your content must be niche-specific. You do not need to get hype by following trends that fluctuate constantly. It halts your way of building a brand image and trust. 

Your content should be brief and specific. It should directly address your audience and must be problem-solving or informational.

According to a survey, most people on social media like informational or problem-solving content. Their problems vary but what they all want is a ‘solution.’ 

Therefore, it is monumental for you to create content that adds value to the lives of your followers. Quality content is not built in a go, whereas there are some tricks. 

How will your audience and readers know that the content has impressive quality? You have to showcase that through the presentation of your content. 

If you add content that is more visually attractive, it will get more attention. Add the content as your audience expects from you. Adding content with more visual aids like photos and videos that are self-explanatory, you can get more audience. 

Your content should be easy to grasp and reader-friendly. Avoid using jargon or verbosity in your content that can increase the complexity of the idea. To improve the readability of your content, try to write your content in bullet points or numbers. 

To add more fun and intrigue, TRIGGER CURIOSITY. Using words that increase people’s curiosity about your content can give your best results and views. Use headlines that increase intrigue and curiosity. Your audience must be anxious to read more.

Use fantastic color schemes that work for your brand. It will help if you use photo-expanded and zoomed photos to get desired results out of your content. 

Another significant point in posting content is using all the possible formats for your content. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are beneficial for creating a brand image and credibility. Use all the formats available on these social media platforms to create your content. It will make your content look more vibrant and cool.

2. Posting Consistently and Not Ghosting

Your fan base will be decreased if you do not post consistently. Make a content plan and try to maintain that. It will increase the credibility of your social media account, and ultimately, your followers and fans will start taking an interest in what else you have to give, i.e., your blogs. 

They will be attracted to read your blogs if they are happy with you on your social media account. If you post randomly and without considering consistency, there are chances your fan base will lower. 

Maintaining a content calendar can be the best move to cater to this. Having a content calendar keeps you motivated and progressive about your content posting. 

No one likes an account that bursts out a lot of posts and then vanishes for several days. Quality and consistency should be a priority over quantity and fluctuation in posting. 

3. Knowing Your Audience and Engaging with Them

Do you feel it right to create content for random people you know nothing about? How you can ensure quality in your content when you don’t know your audience. 

How can you know them? You can know your audience by asking them about their interests and opinions. Yes, this is the best way. It increases engagement as well. 

Hence, these two points are knitted together. To know your audience, you need to increase engagement. The more you engage with them, the more you will know about their interests and opinions. 

It will build trust, ultimately converting them into regular blog readers. To ask their opinions and interests, use voting polls, ask questions directly, answer their queries, and get product reviews from them. 

The more trust you build, the more engagement you will get. And the more engagement you will get, the more of your followers you can convert into your regular blog readers. 

4. Enhancing Credibility and Trust

You need to build trust and get the confidence of your followers. Your content, consistency, engagement, and genuine contribution build the credibility of your brand.

Credibility and trust-building will take your followers to your blog, who will become regular readers if your content is worth it. You should also optimize your account. Fill in all the required data by the social media you are using. It will increase your credibility when all the required information is on board. 

All the points mentioned above are linked to this. You look more credible and prone to win more trust from your followers and fans when you consistently post quality content, engage with them, keep their interests and needs forward, and try to fulfill their expectations. 

5. Increased Brand Awareness

Increased brand awareness will help you convert your social media fans into regular blog readers. If you want to generate more traffic for your blog and want more readers from your social media fan base, stick to the goal of achieving an excellent brand image and creating brand awareness. 

Brand awareness means having in-depth knowledge of services and products. Therefore, adopting a straightforward strategy for your brand is crucial. Your goals must be specific, and you should adopt a closed strategy of where you want to go and what you want to achieve by all means. 

Once you have a clear stance on your brand, it will ultimately help you achieve brand awareness. Brand awareness will help you achieve the complete trust and confidence of your followers and fans. They can move smoothly from social media to your blog to read your content. 

6. Integrate Your Social Media and Blog

How do your followers and fans get to your blog and read if they do not know how to? What if they never noticed? You must integrate your social media with your blog to make it more visual. 

It will help you get more traffic to your blog. If your followers love your content, they would love to see what else you have for them. Remember that the integration must be visual. It should be noticeable and not stick to the corners. 

The more open and visual this integration would be, the more your blog will be reached by your social media followers. Your social media followers are in your hands if you have good quality content and a presence. 

Ensure your presence with proper engagement tools and address your audience. It will make sure that you are there for them. It will earn loyal followers for you, who can easily be converted into regular blog readers. 

7. Ask Your Followers Directly

All of this discussion has been revolving around methods of converting your social media followers into regular blog readers. While we are exploring several methods of doing so, the simplest of all is to ASK AWAY. 

Ask your followers to do so on your social media. Use your social media as a tool to address your audience and followers. Ask them to follow the link given and give it a read. 

You can use Instagram Story, Facebook Story, or LinkedIn link. If you already have earned enough credibility and a fan base, chances are getting significant traffic for your blog. 

Asking them directly shows you are confident in asking them to do so. Instead of using tactics, optimize your profile, take time to build trust and get loyalty and then ask to follow on your blog. 

8. Using Keywords That Are Fairly Optimized

To convert your social media followers and fans into regular blog readers, you need to use SEO keywords effectively. 

Use those keywords on your social media and blogs to create a mutual integration between both. Keep in mind your niche, content, and keywords while writing captions or stories on your social media. 

It will help you get more readers for your blogs. This integration automates your followers to read through different search engines. Your blog link might be at their suggestion when they use those search engines. This will surely bring more traffic to your blog. 

9. Putting Advertisements and Monitoring Click-Through Rates (CTR)

This is a more technical way of converting your social media fans into regular blog readers. You can use different tools and promotional services to get your blogs on ads. Advertisements are the best way to increase your visibility and audience. 

When your followers see the ads related to your blog, there are chances of converting them into blog readers. If the blogs interest them and overlap their likes, they will become regular readers of your blogs. 

After putting an ad, you cannot sit back and wait until more traffic is generated. You should monitor click-through rates, i.e., the CTR of your ad. CTR is the number of clicks your ad has been through. It is divided by the number of times your ad is shown. 

It indicates the viability of your ad and how much audience it caught. It is used to measure the success of your advertisement. Advertising and monitoring its CTR can provide desired results to you. 

10. Social Media Call to Action (CTA)

You should use social media CTA to get more traffic for your blog. You can increase your blog traffic by calling your social media fans to action. Many social media users use CTAs to build a fanbase and loyal followers. 

CTAs are considered one of the best methods to get a decent ROI.ROI is not always in financial terms; instead, it is considered any form of a fair return. 

Call your followers to action by asking them to share your blog and links further. Loyal followers and fans will do that on the go, getting more traffic for your blog. 

Ask your followers to review your blogs and share them with others. 

Bonus Tips

Cross-Posting Your Content

You can post your content on various social media platforms to get it recognized and reach various groups of people. Each social media account has its specificity. 

For example, according to the survey, it is estimated that more of the Facebook users are females, Instagram is used by more users between 13-17 age groups, and LinkedIn is used by graduates seeking opportunities or already-working employees and companies. 

Each social media has a diverse and varied form of users. They are different, and so are their interests. Therefore, posting your content on different social media platforms will give you an idea of how to recognize and build your audience. 

Moreover, this cross-posting will give you a chance to get more traffic to your content and blog. Cross-posting increases your credibility and reach by increasing your presence.

Maintaining and Developing Relationships

When you are on social media, you are part of a larger community. Understanding this community and developing and maintaining relationships is of crucial importance. 

When part of a social media cruise, you must try to build good relationships with other social media influencers and bloggers. It will increase the chances of getting more traffic for your blog.

When you have good relations with influencers and bloggers, you can get your content shared and promoted for free. This sharing and promotion can convert your social media followers into regular readers of your blog. 


Hence, it is not easy to get traffic on your blog or convert your social media fans and followers into regular blog readers. But there are some methods by which you can do that. 

Posting quality content consistently is key to success on social media. Your content is itself marketing when you are posting consistently. Managing and incorporating these methods in posting content can increase your blog’s traffic. 

Integrating your social media with a blog and cross-posting are tactical tools that give you impactful results. Social media followers are imperative to promote your blog’s readership. You can include these methods in your practice to get regular traffic to your blog.

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