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What is Google My Business & Why Should I Set Up a Profile?

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Running a business can be tough, especially when it comes to things like marketing. But setting up a Google My Business profile is a very simple thing that can help you to make a big difference in the number of leads your business gets. 

Google My Business marketing has become a modern-day necessity for businesses as it helps potential customers make a decision if they want to choose your product or service or one from your competitor. This article the reasons to set up a GMB profile.

What Is Google My Business?

At its core, Google My Business is a search engine that helps customers locate businesses based on their keywords and their searching location.You can add photos, hours of operation, contact information, and more, which helps potential customers learn more about your business before even visiting your website. You can also select your business category. This will help Google to better index your website. Claiming a listing on Google Maps is easy as well as free.

Increases Visibility

A good business person knows that the more visible their brand is in the eye of the consumer the more leads it will be able to enjoy. With a Google My Business profile, you can increase your visibility in search results, which can lead to more customers finding and using your business. Google My Business can also help you manage your online presence and control how your business appears across the web. Overall, setting up a Google My Business profile is a good way to increase your visibility online and attract more customers thanks to local maps SEO.

Helps Customers Locate Your Physical Address

A Google My Business profile helps customers find your address in the real world. They will also get to learn through it your hours of operation so that they can have a hassle-free experience. Also when customers learn you have a GMB listing, they know the business is legitimate. This helps them stay clear of various frauds online.

Improves Local SEO with Google Maps Integration

Google Maps marketing profile helps to improve your local SEO by integrating with Google Maps. It also allows customers to easily find your business and leave reviews.

Google My Business profile makes it easy for customers to leave reviews about their experience with your business. These reviews can not only help attract new customers, but they can also give you valuable feedback about what you’re doing well and what areas need improvement.

They also help to build trust with your target audience and increase your credibility in the industry. Stakeholders such as banks and the government will also be able to see that your business is legitimate which can help to improve your dealings with them.

Helps to Understand Your Target Audience

The Google My Business account can also help you understand your target audience. You can use this precious information in your marketing campaigns as well as your keyword research. If you feel overwhelmed to explore the GMB ecosystem yourself then you can also have the whole process outsourced to an experienced Google My Business optimization company

Business owners will be able to see different metrics such as how much of their content such as posts, photos, and profiles are being viewed and which content isn’t generating much traffic. This will help improve your content and identify weaknesses in your content. GMBs are also a rich source for keywords as when people search online you can discover specific long-tail keywords that can position your business for success.

You can also use these keywords across various content channels such as to help improve your website and social media campaigns. A Google business profile will also help you understand your audience more deeply. You can discover important variables such as their location, gender, age, etc. You will also see information related to conversions. For example, how many people used the link to visit the website, and how many from there went on to actually buy your product or service.

Tips to Improve Google My Business Optimization

  • It’s important that you use relevant keywords that attract the attention of the reader and act as a hook. Take the help of powerful tools to discover the right keywords as this can help improve the chances of your business being found.
  • Always use a localized phone number as this shows Google that your business is real and focuses on a particular geography. This will help Google’s algorithm to connect your business with the right customers in your area.
  • Make sure that the business description you write is accurate. When you set up your GMB listing, pick the correct category that best describes your commercial enterprise. This will help ensure that potential customers are finding the right businesses when they do a search on Google. It also needs to be compelling with a strong call to action. Don’t forget to mention your hours of operations during special days such as holidays.
  • Add high-quality photos and videos. This can help distinguish your business from your competitors and create a perception of quality in the minds of your target audience. When people see photos and videos of your products or services, they will see them as social proof and would want to learn more about your business.
  • Always make sure to regularly update your information such as website address and phone number. If Google discovers broken links they could penalize you in their rankings. This will also harm your reputation.

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