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Why Do Businesses Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

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Communication, interaction, project management, supply chain operations, and a lot more becomes challenging when you think about expanding your business. So, when you think about the vast possibilities in the world, the one tool helps us with all the options. Yes, we are here talking about Microsoft Dynamics 365. It has the capabilities to fulfill the needs of small, midsized, and even large businesses.

What is CRM?

Today businesses are surviving on communication. If you lack this area, you will lose your potential customers. Therefore, businesses require a Customer relationship management system. The purpose of CRM is to provide multiple software tools helping you automate the tasks and operational management to save time and increase efficiency. 

What is Dynamics 365 CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a platform for business applications. You can select the service areas of Dynamics 365 from the numerous available options. Microsoft Dynamics CRM maintains all communications and connections with your company’s stakeholders, clients, prospects, and other contacts.

There are many features and functionalities included with Microsoft Dynamics CRM that cover all business processes, such as sales, marketing, customer service, finance, technical assistance, and others.

  • Dynamics 365 Apps and Features 

With Dynamics 365 for CRM, you will get a customizable solution suitable to your business needs. You can use a stand-alone solution or choose the multiple CRM tools to work as an integrated solution for your business. Some of the most demand Dynamics 365 apps and features are:

  • Marketing: 

Using planning and tracking tools that integrate with your current apps and services, you can develop multichannel marketing campaigns and nurture prospects who are prepared to buy and manage your sales and marketing teams.

  • Sales:

To more effectively communicate with customers, better understand their needs, and close more deals, go beyond sales force automation. With incorporated insights, you can sell more intelligently. A modern, flexible platform helps you build relationships, increase productivity, accelerate sales success, and innovate. Use AI tools to track customer relationships and automate sales execution with context-driven prompts.

  • Customer Service:

Use any channel to offer guided and intelligent service with the potential to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. Give clients and agents the resources they need to ensure prompt and accurate resolution every time.

  • Field Service:

It gets you everything in one place, from Inventory management, scheduling, and workplace efficiency. Offer timely, transparent communication and tracking tools to keep clients in touch with your field representatives.

Reasons for Choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 features show you clearly why you need it. However, if you still have concerns and doubts, the following are why other businesses choose Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Build Trust-worthy Relations with Your Customers

You can bring all the stakeholders from the Marketing, sales, and customer service apps to a single reliable source for effective communication. Through integrated webchats, self-service portals, and other channels, this establishes clarity and unifies the client experience.

  • Integration with Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook

Most of the time, users get their basic needs fulfilled through Microsoft outlook and office 365. They also manage emails and documents relevant to the customers and suppliers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers tight integration for this application. By integrating them, users can easily store files and documents against the client data and offer easy access for more connected interaction. 

  • One Solution to Manage a Global Business

Nearly every maker of consumer brands operates in a number of countries. As a result, managing the supply chain while preserving costs and customer service has become much more challenging. A significant benefit is that Microsoft Dynamics 365 can handle international business processes from a single cloud solution. One solution can be used to manage several currencies, time zones, languages, and compliance with various banking and reporting standards, which helps to promote uniformity and standardization across different business organizations around the globe.

  • Scalable Solution

Each company starts small but then comes to a stage where they have to move forward and expand its services or operations. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed exactly by keeping this in mind. Therefore, businesses are confident they can tailor the solution according to their needs. Ultimately, it fulfills the need for a stable platform for the coming years.

  • Protection of the Business Data 

Spreadsheets, offline documents, and several separate apps store data, making it difficult to control usage, back up data, and verify that the necessary security regulations are in place. This poses a problem for data security. Data is consolidated in a single, secure cloud location thanks to Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform, enabling better control over data protection procedures, compliance regulations, and user access permissions.


  • Why should I choose Dynamics 365 as my next CRM?

It offers a user-friendly UI that is simple and very successful at managing customer relationships. Provide additional benefits because it is connected to other MS products like PowerApps, Exchange Server, SharePoint, Outlook, Power BI Integration, Windows Server, and Office 365.

  • What is Dynamics CRM called now?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 took the role of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in late 2016. Dynamics 365 is significantly more complete even though it does have all of the functionality that Dynamics CRM’s previous version. It also provides a totally fresh method of developing commercial software.

  • Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM cloud-based?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM), as well as productivity apps and AI tools, are now part of the cloud-based business application platform by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Wrap Up 

Businesses prefer Microsoft Dynamics 365 because of its ability to give better uniformity in business operations. Having a single platform to manage sales, supply chain, customer service, vendor relationships, and teams is a great deal. 

Moreover, Dynamics CRM comes at affordable prices. The licenses are set so that you only have to pay for the modules you will be using for your business needs. 

All you need is a full analysis report of your business to draw the suitability factor and get the custom solution of Dynamics CRM from a certified Microsoft partner.

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