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Top 3 Most Popular Types of Location-Based Apps

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Some years ago, GPS technology in mobile applications was used exclusively for navigation. However, today the situation has completely changed and GPS is implemented in many apps intended for different industries. Location-based services help to ensure innovative and highly personalized user experiences and improve client satisfaction. We offer you to have a look at the most popular types of apps enriched with GPS-powered functionality and analyze how this technology revolutionizes the spheres where these solutions are used.

Fitness apps

GPS in mobile application development has become a very popular trend, especially if we are talking about apps for fitness lovers. We are sure that you have already heard about (or maybe even used) such products. Good examples are Galaxy Fit and Mi Fit which are compatible with various variable devices like fitness bracelets and help users to analyze their activity, workouts, and quality of sleep.

These solutions may have different regimes for monitoring such activities as walking, running, cycling, hiking, and others and provide users with the most accurate data based on the chosen activity. Using such an app, you can view the speed of your movement, the number of steps, burnt calories, distance, and other parameters for increasing the efficiency of training.

Taxi-hailing apps

GPS has also become a core technology for building solutions for on-demand taxi services. Such applications have access to the location of a client and all the available cars. They provide users with data related to the time that a driver will need to get to a pick-up point and a destination given the ongoing road conditions. Uber, Lyft, and Curb are among the most well-known apps of this type.

All the trip info will be available to both passengers and driver in case of emergency. If something happens or when a customer feels unsafe, it is possible to press a panic button in the app, and a notification with a geo-location will be sent to the indicated phone number of a passenger’s family member or another trusted person.

Dating apps

Location-based dating apps are also enjoying high popularity these days. They match pairs by the devices’ location. The brightest example of such a mobile app is a well-known Tinder. When an application gets the location of a user’s smartphone, it starts analyzing potential matches based on the specified radius chosen for the search. If you have an idea of any unique features for such an app, you can share your thoughts with a software development company and professional engineers will find the best way to integrate the desired functionality into your custom solution. For example, it is possible to add various filters and AI-powered tools so that an app will immediately consider not only a location of a user but also interests, previous successful matches, history of dates, etc.

Final thoughts

As you see GPS technology, especially when combined with other powerful tech tools, can help to create cutting-edge solutions that go far beyond traditional mapping or routing apps. The main things to do when you are planning to launch your app are to properly analyze the market needs and to find talented developers who will be able to transform your ideas into a working product.

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