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4 Reasons Why Your Google Ads Search Ads Aren’t Showing

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Although you have launched your Google Ads search ads, your search ads aren’t appearing on Google search results when you perform searches using keywords that you bid on such as Google Analytics 4 consultant, Google Ads Toronto, or Toronto SEO. Why? There are various reasons why you aren’t seeing your Google Ads search ads. Here are the top four reasons.

1. Your Daily Budget Is Maxed Out

If your campaign has reached its daily budget, your Google search ads will be displayed in search results. To show your Google search ads more frequently on Google search results, you can increase your daily budget so there’s more ad budget to be used throughout a day.

2. You Aren’t Located In The Targeted Geographic Locations Of Your Google Ads Campaign

Your ad’s target location specify whom the ad ultimately gets shown to. If you’re in Vancouver and you are searching for a keyword phrase that you bid on, but you didn’t include Vancouver in the geographic locations that you’re targeting, you won’t see your ads. For example, if you’re a self storage facility in Victoria and you’re bidding on the keywords “storage Victoria” to audiences residing in the city of Victoria, your ads won’t be shown to searchers residing outside of the city of Victoria who are looking for “storage Victoria”.

To see your Google search ads in a city that you’re targeting, go to the “Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool” in your Google Ads account. Select a city that you’re targeting to see if your ad appears in that target city. Keep in mind that the “Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool” is a simulator tool and won’t be 100% accurate.

3. Your Need To Increase Your Bid

If the average bid amount for a keyword that you’re bidding for is $5 and you have set your bid to $1, your search ads aren’t likely to show up on search results. Google is in the advertising, ‘pay to play’ business; they will show the ads that are most profitable for them. To increase your ads’ chances of appearing on search results, make sure you are bidding competitively relative to the average bid amount.

4. Your Google Ads Bidding Strategy

Your Google search ads may not be showing on Google search results because of your Google Ads bidding strategy. For example, if you have set “Maximize clicks” as your bidding strategy, Google Ads will show your ads accordingly to help you generate the most number of clicks from your targeted audience. This means that Google Ads may not show your ad every time a searcher enters a bidded keyword phrase in order to help preserve your daily budget.

If you want to increase the chance of your Google search ads appearing on search results when your bidded keywords are entered (which we don’t recommend), you can change your bidding strategy to “Target impression share”.Also select “Top of results page”, and enter “100%” for the Percent (%) impression share to target.

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