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10 Alternative Search Engines to Use in 2022

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In today’s digital age, there is a huge amount of information that is available to the average human. Search engines act as a filter to comb through that overload-of-information database and provide the user with relevant results. Apart from the average user, businesses are now utilizing these platforms to market their products and reach a large customer base, using Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

A search engine is a web-based software used to perform an internet search. The most popular and widely used search engine is Google. Google Search accounts for more than 90% of the total searches done each day. Although the platform offers excellent search results, some people might want to use alternate search engines. A significant reason for that is the number of privacy issues that Google Search faces nowadays. Let us look at the top ten alternative search engines that you can consider using in 2022:

1. Bing

Bing is the official search engine from Microsoft. It offers a well-designed search page layout, along with appealing graphics. As a result, it is the most widely used search engine after Google. Bing lets you view videos just by hovering around them without closing the search box. It provides an excellent user experience for those looking for photos and videos by presenting large, beautiful picture displays and video previews. When inputting a search request, Bing provides eight auto-complete alternatives, allowing users to get a larger picture of the matter in search.

Bing has a rewards program that will enable you to collect credits for every search you conduct, which you can then trade for gift cards or use to purchase applications and movies from the Microsoft Store. In terms of capabilities, it offers currency exchange calculation, language change, and flight monitoring, allowing you to use it as a one-stop search engine.

2. Duck Duck Go

If you value your online security, DuckDuckGo is your ideal Google replacement. It has swiftly become popular due to the consumer privacy it provides. The website never follows you or your internet actions. Therefore, no advertisements accompany you. It also has a clean UI and displays search results from Yahoo and other search engines in addition to Google. To keep your actions hidden, install the DuckDuckGo browser plugin. It has all of the typical characteristics of a search engine such as Google, but it has one distinctive property, titled “bangs”, which is worth noticing.

3. Yahoo

Users choose Yahoo as an alternate search engine since it is more convenient. Besides, it provides a well-rounded user experience by providing services such as Answers, Yahoo Finance, News, Tech Tips, a sports board, and internet shopping.

Yahoo Plus provides an ad-free email mailbox, personalisation, safety options, and premium services. As an added advantage, Yahoo also gives its users exposure to specialist data, analysis, and a wealth of knowledge on various issues. It can provide features beyond a standard search engine, which is why it is still the browser of preference for many internet users. 

4. Ask

Ask is essentially a question-answering service geared toward e-commerce. It is an online search engine centered on the question/answer premise and is among the top ten search engines in the world. It is also the reason it is so user-friendly, particularly for older adults, as older audiences prefer asking questions on search engines. It displays commonly asked questions linked to your search phrase based on your prior history and requested queries. It is incredibly entertaining, and because it provides results in inquiries and responses, it is a terrific search engine.

5. Ecosia

Although Ecosia has been around since 2009, it is no wonder that few people are familiar with this free web browser. For many consumers, it may be an ideal substitute for Google. One reason is that its user interface is tidy and comparable to Google’s. The web browser can readily manage your search requests, but its unique selling point is that the money it generates is used to plant trees worldwide. Ecosia, like DuckDuckGo, does not track your online activities or sell your information to third parties.

6. Qwant

Qwant is a privacy-focused search engine located in France. The website states that it will never collect your personal information for ad targeting purposes. The user layout is appealing, with an organized homepage displaying hot themes and news headlines. Any search word will be presented in three categories: web, news, and social. This well-categorized search result responds to your question more efficiently. This website features a section dedicated to music enthusiasts where you may use AI to find new songs and lyrics.

7. Searx

Searx is a freeware, self-hosted metasearch engine that does not profile or monitor you or employ cookies to give search results. You will be relieved to learn that it is safe and protected and displays results from over 70 search engines. It is simple to integrate with any search engine and provides complete internet privacy. The most strategic advantage is that, besides anonymity and security, it gives an unprocessed, unbiased, and comprehensive picture of the internet through a single interface. Searx cannot be accessed via Google Chrome since it has been prohibited on this browser. However, it may be accessed through any other browser.

8. Startpage

Startpage does not track or record your search term when you type it. It doesn’t even keep track of your IP address. Before forwarding your request to Google, it separates all of your information from your inquiry, ensuring that no one can sneak in and discover who you are and what you are looking for on the internet.

Startpage is among the most lauded private search engines. It also includes tools such as Startpage Proxy and Ixquick Proxy, which help to shield personal information or the location from which you are viewing a website.

9. ExactSeek

ExactSeek.com is an Internet search engine and directory that receives and indexes over 30,000 new website submissions every month. ExactSeek has indexed over 500 million websites and added the best of them to its database. ExactSeek offers news and blog searches in addition to the standard web search results. 

ExactSeek offers three types of listings: free standard listings, paid featured listings, and listings to incorporate a quick search engine. Free standard listings appear only in ExactSeek search results. ExactSeek’s Paid Top Lists and Fast Search Engine Inclusion Lists appear in the results of a worldwide network of search sites that provide website owners with affordable and effective paid search advertising.

10. Baidu

Baidu now holds a 1.91% market share. However, it is China’s most used search engine. Baidu’s search engine encompasses 70% of China’s online marketplace, making it among the world’s most extensive AI and internet corporations. Its layout and algorithm are quite comparable to Google’s, as it simultaneously monetizes itself through adverts and includes rich snippets in results pages. Baidu, as the Chinese Google, is severely restricted.

Google holds most of the search engine market. However, this article demonstrates that there are numerous undiscovered prospects for alternate search engines that better meet your demands. You may now pick where you want to run a search for finding optimal results and community involvement or for conducting social monitoring and obtaining format-specific results. If you want to learn more about the basics of Search Engines, how to market your product using Search Engine Marketing, how to optimize your content and make it SEO friendly, and more about Digital Marketing, check out Board Infinity’s Digital Marketing Course. Learn all about Digital Marketing with personalized guidance from top industry experts and become fluent in SEO, SEM, SMM, and more!

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