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4 Tips To Improve Your Phone Battery’s Lifespan

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Taking care of your phone battery is easier and more economical than replacing a phone’s lithium ion battery. In addition, taking care of your battery and expanding the lifespan of your phone battery is fantastic for our global environment. Afterall, lithium batteries cause a significant amount of e-waste. When depleted batteries are thrown into trash, they end up in landfills where the batteries decay and leak. When batteries corrode, chemicals in the batteries soak into soil and contaminate groundwater and surface water. Our ecosystems, which contain thousands of aquatic plants and animals, are damaged when filled with battery chemicals.

To prevent adding more battery waste to landfills and damaging our environment while saving money by not having to replace your phone battery at a local phone repair store such as phone repair Burnaby, phone repair Surrey, or phone repair Calgary or via mail in phone repair, use these tips!

1. Avoid extreme cold or heat

Avoid placing your phone in an extremely hot or extremely cold place. If your phone is in an extremely hot or cold environment, the environment can strain the battery and shortens its battery’s lifespan. You should avoid placing your phone in places such as your car because your car can become incredibly hot during summer or sunny outside and unbearably freezing cold when it’s snowing or during winter.

2. Avoid fast charging

Charging your phone rapidly puts stress on the phone battery which reduces your phone battery’s lifespan. It’s recommended to charge slowly to expand your phone battery’s lifespan. For example, you can charge your phone from your computer or through certain smart plugs. Charging your phone through these outlets limits the current going into your phone, which slows the charge rate. This applies mostly to older phone models, whereas newer phone models are better at handling fast charging.

3. Avoid Draining Your Phone Battery to 0% or Charging Completely to 100%

Older types of rechargeable batteries had ‘battery memory’. This means that if you don’t charge these batteries to full and discharge them to zero battery, these batteries ‘remember’ and reduce their useful range. This rechargeable battery type is better for their lifespan if you always drain the battery and charge the battery to completely full.

Newer phone batteries work in a different way. Batteries stress when the batteries are used up or charged completely. Phone batteries are best if you keep them above 20% capacity and below 90% full. To achieve optimal performance, the battery capacity should be around 50%.

To maximize your phone battery’s life expectancy, you can charge your phone around 50% to 90% and you can stop charging. At the minimum, you can charge when the battery capacity reaches 20%. In addition, as mentioned above, you can use slow charging to further extend your phone battery’s lifespan.

4. Charge your phone to 50% for long-term storage

As mentioned above, the healthiest charge for a lithium ion battery is approximately 50%. If you are going to store your phone for an extended period, charge it to 50% before turning it off and storing it. This approach is healthier for the battery compared to charging the battery to 100% or draining the battery to 0% before storage.

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