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Top 4 Social Media Trends for 2023

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Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your products and services in 2023, for all industries. Whether you have a storage unit Burnaby facility, Google Ads Toronto agency, SEO training Toronto agency, or Vancouver gift shop, you can utilize social media channels to reach your specific audiences, promote your offerings using interactive content, and engage with your communities by providing content and seeking feedback. Here are top four social media trends you should look out for in 2023!

1. The impact of influencers

As more consumers are visiting social media accounts to find relevant information such as popular restaurants or farmers’ markets that consumers should visit over the weekend, partnering with relevant social media influencers has become an integral brand promotion strategy for many companies. By partnering with relevant social media influencers, you can reach an audience that’s relevant to your target market. For example, if you’re a local coffee shop, you can partner with local coffee social media accounts to feature your business. Engaging in such a partnership will help you reach your target audience so they’ll become aware of your brand, location, and products or services!

2. The usefulness of social media for providing customer service

Social media networks have evolved quite far from the days of being simple channels to connect people and to give them a way to share content with each other. With the adoption for business use, social networks have emerged as a customer service channel as well.

It is important to have a direct line of communication with your customers to quickly address potential issues. What better way to connect with them using an already available feature where the back and forth between you and your customers is almost instant. Also, it’s great PR when brands publicly respond to customers and help them out.

For example, Twitter doesn’t have a specific feature available for customer support. Customers can tag the brand or comment on an official tweet to get their attention.  You can also use a neat tool to get around that and improve the process by monitoring your brand mentions. Facebook, has dedicated features like a common inbox, automated responses, and a chatbot to help out your business.

3. The effective of social media building an online community

Social media is also a wonderful channel to foster and engage with a community. By creating and using a private Facebook or LinkedIn group, you can attract and maintain a small like-minded community where followers can create and share content more freely. These micro-communities have smaller audiences but high engagement rates.

Facebook and LinkedIn were perfectly suited to take advantage of this trend and it shows. Facebook Groups saw a rise in the number of groups which coincides almost perfectly with the current situation the world is facing, as people are socially orientated with an inclination to interact with others. Companies have also taken notice of this trend on social media and are interested in building up their communities more and more.

You can use this to your advantage by simply drawing your audience around a focal point that can be anything from your brand or a specific product. Gather feedback, offer valuable content, gain valuable insights and drive the conversation with your audience. By giving your fans and customers a place to belong you empower your brand.

4. The use of Short video & TikTok for marketing

Video content consumption is on the rise. While Youtube remains the leader in that area, TikTok and other social networks are catching up. Major social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn improve their video capabilities to catch up with the growing popularity and new trends.

An interesting trend has steadily grown with the rise of TikTok. Short-form videos have become something of a popular phenomenon with younger audiences. Generation Z is the driving demographic behind this trend, but others are following suit. And it is clear why short engaging videos are so widespread. They are easy to create and fairly inexpensive, which results in some great user-generated content.

Instagram took the step towards the shorter video format and introduced it to its platform in the form of Instagram Reels. Even though their key demographic differs, this type of video “microcontent” has seen a boost in popularity with them as well. And as the attention span shrinks from generation to generation, this content trend will only increase. Influencers for example use these short videos to promote partner products and services to their audiences.

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