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5 Ideas to Consider Today to Boost Your SaaS Growth

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In many cases, SaaS companies will put lots of effort into building and improving the product but overlook advertising it and enhancing the sales funnel.

Marketing is just as critical to income as a top-notch product. The notion that exceptional products sell themselves is untrue, so it’s crucial to devote resources to improving your onboarding and acquisition strategies and processes.

Here are 5 strategies you can use right away to boost your SaaS conversion rates and revenue.

1. Create Great Content

Good copywriting increases sales for SaaS companies by helping them generate more conversions. No one will want to check out your product, much less buy it, if you don’t have an appealing copy on your website, landing pages, or emails. Your target audience won’t be able to understand why your offer is the best solution to their issues.

Of course, in order to see results, you’ll need to develop an effective content strategy and actually start writing content on a regular basis. If this seems time-consuming (which it is), consider investing in a sales copy generator. A good sales copy generator will produce high-converting sales copy in accordance with the directions provided by you, so that you can get a unique version of your content to demonstrate how your product might benefit your prospective clients and, as a result, boost your sales. 

2. Invest in OKR Software

OKR stands for objectives and key results. With the aid of the OKR goal-setting framework, you can establish measurable goals that will propel your SaaS business forward. Your goals are what you want your company to achieve and the key outcomes are the measurements that track how well you’re doing in achieving those goals.

SaaS companies widely adopt OKR software to improve this process by establishing a solid system where everyone works together to achieve the desired outcomes while contributing significantly to success. Thanks to OKR software, SaaS companies can measure what truly matters to their growth and how their employees can grow along with them by tracking their progress in real-time and making sure that no employee is left behind on their way to becoming a contributing member of the team.

3. Work on Your Social Media Presence

Expanding your social media network, interacting with your followers, and understanding your audience is an excellent way to foster thought leadership. 

Many SaaS business owners and marketers have established themselves as experts in the industry through social media networks such as LinkedIn and other platforms where important decision-makers are hanging out and asking questions. 

4. Add Powerful Testimonials

Don’t undervalue the effect a strong testimonial can have on your conversion rate. However, pay attention to what your testimonials look like. Many businesses add testimonials that, despite sounding good, don’t increase conversion rates.

Bad testimonials may sound forced or unbelievable; they may also be emotionless or not specific enough. Good ones, on the other hand, sound genuine and are very specific. If possible, each one of your testimonials should display credibility by including a name, title, and industry. Ideally, the people behind the testimonials should represent major customer types and market segments that your business caters to, enabling potential clients to see themselves in the position of the testimonial’s subject. 

They are much more likely to sign up for a free trial once they see someone just like them using your software to address their identical problems.

5. Boost Your Credibility

Integrity is everything in software development. Prospects are aware that a product exists that can address their issues, but the question is: Can it live up to their expectations? The strategies listed below can help you build credibility in the industry:

  • Display seals of approval. ​​The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that privacy and security concerns prevented 50% of Internet users from making online transactions. By adding reputable privacy, security, and legality seals to your website, you may rapidly allay these worries.
  • Include case studies. Detailed case studies can sometimes outperform any kind of customer testimony in terms of effectiveness. A well-written case study will guide potential consumers through every step of using the program to fix a particular problem.
  • Showcase your awards. Put your notable awards, accolades, and mentions in reputable publications on your homepage to reassure potential customers that your business is credible and known for its high-quality services.
  • Be available 24/7. If you offer clients the opportunity to get in touch with your team via phone, online chat, or in person at a physical location, it’s a sign that you’re a trustworthy company that truly cares about its customers. 

Final Thoughts

The SaaS sector is very competitive. Things change quickly, so if you want to scale things up and set yourself apart from the crowd, you must make efficient use of the aforementioned ideas.

Selling can be challenging but we hope that the tips above will enable you to increase your sales rate and, as a result, your revenue.

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