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Google My Business: What Is a GMB Listing?

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Google My Business or GMB is a free business listing from Google. It lets you provide essential details about your business, like its name, location, products, and services. You can also add photographs and videos to the listing. A Google My Business listing is a great way to promote your company and increase internet visibility. The information you give here can appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping. The GMB listing can help you get both online traffic to your website as well as foot traffic to your store. A Google My Business training course can help you understand how to use the listing to its full potential to benefit your business.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile

Google determines whether to rank your website in search results or not based on three factors:

  • How relevant is your listing to a search
  • How far is your business located from the search
  • How popular is your business in the area

Below are some tips for aligning with Google’s expectations and optimizing your profile to help it rank in search results.

Ensure Your GMB Profile is Completed

According to Google, businesses with complete and correct information are easier to match with the correct target audience. In addition, a complete profile improves your relevancy score. Your customers should know who you are, your business, your location, and when they can visit you from your profile. Customers are likely to believe your business and visit your location if your profile is complete. 

Verify All Your Locations

There is a higher chance of verified businesses appearing in Google searches and maps. Verified locations also help improve your score for the distance ranking factor. Ensure all your locations are verified to improve their chances of performing well in local searches.

Add Videos and Images of Your Business

As per Google, businesses with photos and videos get more direction requests and click-throughs to their websites. Your Google My Business profile comes with a cover photo and logo. Ensure they are consistent with your social media channels. This will make it easy for people to recognize your brand. In addition, add as many original images and videos of your business as possible. This will help target customers understand your location, nature of business, and work environment. For example, you can post pictures of the menus, meals, customers, and dining room if you run a restaurant.

Include Keywords Wherever Possible

Use relevant keywords to describe your business. You can use various tools to determine what terms people use to search for your business. Incorporate these keywords as naturally as possible in your profile titles and description.

Encourage Reviews and Regularly Answer Questions

Most people consider other people’s opinions before making any decisions online. They will check reviews about any business before engaging with it. A good review can turn a potential customer in your favor and help improve your ranking. Request your customers for reviews and ratings. Google provides a direct link that you can share with your customers to get their reviews. Google also lets customers ask questions about your business on the GMB listing. Answer as many questions as possible and share relevant business information.

Ensure Your Business Information is Up to Date

Keeping your profile up to date is key to its performance. Edit your business profile regularly and update it with relevant information. Change hours of operation before holidays or update contact information in case of any change. Nothing irritates customers more than showing up at operating hours only to realize your business is closed. If you have special hours for holidays or any other days, add them to your profile. You can even create posts to share the latest updates, company news, products, and events.

Google My Business for Local Marketing

While Google My Business will help your brand presence and SEO performance, it is most helpful in marketing your business to your local customers. Below are ways in which it can be useful for local marketing:

Engage with Customers

Google My Business allows you to interact and engage with your customers. You can respond to questions and reviews. You can even enable direct messaging and set up associated alerts. Your business profile can also inform your audience about important company news and updates through posts.

Boosts Sales

86% of consumers use Google Maps to find local businesses. About 50% of customers are likely to purchase from businesses they find on maps. When you create a Google My Business profile and verify it, you will also appear in maps, increasing your chances of improving sales.

Ratings and Reviews Can Improve Your Appeal

90% of consumers read testimonials and reviews on Google before making a purchasing decision. The Google My Business listing will help customers review your business and see what others say. Over time, as you get more and more positive reviews, your overall rating will improve, giving you an edge over the competition.

Improve Traffic

Lack of quality traffic, and in-store visits is a common challenge many local businesses face. While businesses will have ups and downs throughout the year, a Google My Business listing can help boost quality traffic to the site. Businesses can increase visits by creating a listing and appearing in local searches. The listing can also increase clicks to the website, thereby increasing traffic to the site.

Give You Insights About Customers

The more you know your customers, the better you will be able to serve them. The Insights section of your Google My Business page can give you a wealth of information about your customers. It can inform you how visible your brand is, your target audience, and how they engage with you. Your customers’ questions and reviews will also tell you what they expect from you. All this information can help you improve customer experience.

Once you have a clear understanding of what Google My Business is and how it works, you will realize that it is more than just a free tool. It can be a critical component in marketing your local business and promoting your brand. Local Client Takeover can help you understand Google My Business in detail. They provide tried and tested methods for improving your Google My Business listing and improving your local presence. Get started with Google My Business today and see how it can help you grow your business.

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