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How to start a front end developer career

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You open the site and see the work of a front-end developer. Any software requires beautiful packaging for the user. Therefore, if you decide to become a front-end developer, the first thing you should understand is that this is a profession at the intersection of design and programming. You will have to learn programming languages, but you should also understand the basics of design and, ideally, have some basic knowledge of image editors. If you already have certain skills, you can start looking for Front End developer jobs, and we will tell you how to start a career.

Where to begin

You have just taken a course or graduated from a university and you are faced with the question of the first job. Decide right away whether you want to find a place where you will work permanently or if you just need experience and practice so that later you can move on with solid baggage. But remember, there is nothing more permanent than temporary.

If you want to immediately start a career in a large company, the internship option will be the best option for you. Many giants of the IT sphere recruit young employees for internships, test them in practice, and keep only the most talented ones for themselves.

If you want to gain experience first, look for a small company with big ambitions. Here you are guaranteed interesting projects, as beginners do not yet have time to get bogged down in a routine and team members help each other. This is a reliable, if not the shortest way to work as a DevOps engineer.

Send out your resume

You may have to send out dozens of resumes a day until you are invited for an interview. This shouldn’t scare you. Due to the popularity of IT, competition among juniors is very high. But you don’t just send a finished resume and wait for a response. Write a cover letter for each company. State why you want to work for them and what benefits they will get if they hire you.

Learn and practice

Be sure to study while looking for a job. Subscribe to the news to keep abreast of the latest trends, and create websites as your personal projects. This is all experience and very soon you will be able to replenish your portfolio and the section of completed projects, thereby making your candidacy more attractive to the employer.

Prepare for an interview

Be sure to read the information on the internet about what questions are asked during the interview for front-end developers. Don’t expect it to be as difficult as senior Software Engineer interview questions but you can browse through Software Developer interview questions to take a cue.

Be sure to pay attention to the company’s requirements for both work and soft skills. A front-end developer is a team member with whom you need to constantly contact and communicate. Even if you are a very talented, capable web developer, it will be difficult for you to work in any company without developing soft skills.

Create a professional network

Meet programmers on social networks and forums. Create your own communication groups. Each person in such a circle can help another: from elementary advice on solving a problem with the code to a recommendation for a vacant position.

We deliberately did not begin to tell what knowledge and skills front-end developers need to start with, as you will receive all this information while learning the ropes of the profession. But the right search strategy and emphasis on important points is the first step in a career path.

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