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5 Unconventional Ways to Make Your Trade Show Booths Memorable

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Businesses require aggressive marketing to reach their target market. With stiff competition, it pays to sufficiently invest in ways to introduce one’s brand to those who might take an interest in what it has to offer. Ideally, that interest later translates to purchase, the be-all and end-all of a customer’s relationship with any business. One way to achieve that goal is by participating in trade shows.

Trade shows, aka fairs and expos, gather businesses from the same industry into one space to discuss the latest news in their field and display their newest products. A trade show typically lasts for at least three days. It usually takes place in convention centers and other similar venues.

While some trade shows are exclusive to industry insiders, most welcome members of the general public. Between the two, the latter offers more benefits to businesses.

Benefits of Trade Shows

Sure, you’ll be spending money on trade shows. Fortunately, you can recoup that investment with the benefits you get from participating. Here are the top advantages up for grabs.

  • Tap your target market
    Perhaps you have new products you want to launch with as much fanfare as possible. Trade shows provide a practical platform to showcase those offers. Not only will you get the chance to interact with your loyal customers in person, but you will also get the privilege of meeting new leads.

    By the end of the event, you will have made a lasting relationship with people who may become ardent believers of your brand.
  • Meet your competition
    It pays to know your competitors. For one, getting friendly with others in your industry doesn’t hurt. It’s also for the purpose of assessing where you’re at progress-wise.

    Trade shows let you see what other brands are up to. What are they doing right? Where do they fall short? You could then use the insights you glean for inspiration.
  • Network
    No matter how successful, brands can’t rest on their laurels. Slow down, and soon you’ll see others snatching up opportunities that could have been yours.

    In trade shows, those opportunities abound. Think vendors and distributors—or talents that could help your business gain a competitive edge.

5 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Booths Memorable

Trade shows offer invaluable benefits to brands that participate. But those benefits will come your way only if your trade show booth does its job. That job is a physical vessel for whatever message you need to communicate. Follow these tips to ensure a standout and memorable booth that says exactly what you want to say.

1. Go Big on Creativity

Come up with a theme that aligns with your brand message. Once you’ve decided on a theme, render it into compelling visuals. One crucial element to look into is the color scheme. As a rule of thumb, you can use up to three bright colors to ensure that your booth looks striking.

You may also get behind the 60-30-20 design rule. That means using your primary color on 60%, secondary color on 30%, and accent colors on 20% of your space. When choosing colors, make sure to have your target audience in mind. For example, more adult audiences prefer cool colors like blue and green.

2. Promote Sustainability

Remember that consumers have become more socially aware, especially environment-wise. They know that global warming is real and want to participate in the fight against it. They will also actively support brands that champion the same cause.

It’s high time you get behind green marketing. Equip your booth with sustainable trade show displays that say you care for the environment as much as your customers do.

3. Get Flexible

Ideally, a trade show booth packs a lot into an otherwise limited space. It would be best to have an area where you can meet customers and guests for casual conversations. You could also allot an educational nook and a lively corner for interactive offers. A spot where guests can simply sit on a chair and relax can also be inviting.

Achieve this level of booth flexibility, and you’ll attract many walk-ins. After all, there’s something in your booth for everyone.

4. Think Portability

Trade show participants who want to go all out design-wise mistakenly choose an open-air kiosk against a pop-up tent. If portability factors into your list of priorities, that approach proves impractical. You can still get as creative as you wish with a pop-up tent. That is with the added benefit of portability.

5. Make It Unique and Interactive

You can expect other participating brands to get as creative as you for a trade show. However, that does not mean your brand has no shot at becoming the belle of the ball. Here, finding ways for your booth to look and feel unique is important. The easiest way to pull that off is by introducing interactive elements.

Come up with a photo booth, for starters. This area should be truly photo-worthy. There should be a flattering background. Let guests don quirky branded costumes and encourage them to post their photos with your chosen hashtag. Take interactivity a step further with mini-games where participants can win big prizes.

Parting Shot

Brands go all out for trade shows and put all hands on deck. They want to outshine the competition and command attention; therefore, they invest significant resources into the event. With that in everyone’s mind, it becomes challenging to actually shine. There’s an embarrassment of riches, after all.

However, it’s completely doable. That is if you unlock the winning formula on how to shine in a highly creative event. The recipe for a memorable and eye-catching trade show booth stems from thinking outside the box. That’s how your booth becomes exciting and how your message becomes worth listening to. Consider the strategies mentioned above.

Lastly, remember that designing a booth is just half the battle. At the event itself, it’s up to your team to manage what you’ve accomplished design-wise. So make sure to operate your booth with people who can do the job with panache. No matter how inviting it is, if less-than-stellar individuals inhabit it, people won’t think twice about walking away.

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