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4 Digital Marketing Tips For This Spring Break

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Spring is around the corner and this is the best time to amp up your marketing to promote your products or services. With most consumers starting their shopping journey by searching for shopping ideas online, there are no better platforms to advertise your promotions than digital platforms such as your website, Google search results and social media channels such as Instagram and YouTube.

To help you efficiently market your brand and products or services through digital marketing programs such as Google Ads Toronto agency, I, a Google Tag Manager consultant, have come up with four simple digital marketing tips you can use. Check them out!

1. Create a ‘Gift Ideas’ Webpage

Many shoppers start their shopping journey with generic shopping searches. For example, many Canadians start their shopping journey using searches such as “gift ideas” or “gifts for men”.

To appear on Google search results for some of the search terms above, you can create a landing page called “Gift Ideas” or “Gifts for Men”. By creating such a landing page, your webpage can appear on Google search results when online shoppers search for these ideas on Google. For example, if you’re a Vancouver gift shop, you can create a “gift ideas” or “gifts for men” landing page to rank for search queries related to these search phrases.

2. Add Products on Your Google Business Profile Listing

Within your Google Business Profile, you can display products and their information such as descriptions and prices. For example, if you’re a self storage facility that offers storage units in Victoria, you can list your storage units (e.g. different sizes) in your Google Business Profile listing.

To add products, go to your Google Business Profile account and select your business. Select Edit products. Then, click on Get Started. Once selected, you can add your product price, image, description and other information.

If you have specific products you want to promote, you can add them to your Google Business Profile product catalogue. Using this approach to promote your products or services to your existing clients and to those who are in the market for what you offer is essential because your Google Business Profile only appears when a user searches for your brand name or searches for a product or service that’s highly relevant to your business, and that’s why Google is showing your GPB on Google search results.

Note: Change the product prices back to the original prices once the promotion is over!

3. Paid Social Media Ads

Promoting your holiday sales or products through paid ads such as Instagram Ads or YouTube Ads is another effective digital marketing approach to reach your target audience. As a local business, such as a hotel or restaurant, you can run an Instagram Ads campaign to promote a special offer; for example, “2 nights for $300” or “25% OFF on all main dishes over” to local residents or consumers in other cities. 

If you know that local residents will very likely dine at your restaurant, you don’t have to spend your advertising dollars in. Instead, you can use your budget to attract residents from other areas to your restaurant.

By using sophisticated advertising platforms such as YouTube Ads or Instagram Ads, you can select geographic areas you want to specifically target so that your advertising dollars can be used effectively.

4. Sponsored Social Media Content

You can partner with certain social media channels to advertise your holiday promotions. For example, if you’re a local restaurant and you’re offering special Spring Break brunch or dinner, you can partner with a relevant, influential social media account to reach their audience. You can partner with a local foodie or vlogger and ask them to share your promotion on their social media channel. This type of partnership is often a paid engagement but it’s an effective way to reach a targeted audience using fun, interactive content.

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Ray Wang is the owner of RW Digital, a Vancouver digital marketing agency. Ray specializes in data analytics, digital advertising, SEO, WordPress website development for consumer brands and hospitality, real estate, self storage, and social-impact industries and startups.