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The Gaming Niches that are Most Going to Benefit from VR’s Ascendancy

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Technology has been transforming gaming for many years. We see new tech and new ways of playing coming out every year, taking games to the next level and making us wonder what was gaming without them.

Virtual reality has sort of skirted that for the last few years. Way back in the 1990s, VR tried and failed. Over the last few years, it’s tried again to break into the market, with a little more success but still not quite on the grand scale we all expected.

However, while the hardware isn’t as universally accessible as it could be, there is an acceptance that it is the future, and certain types of game are really going to excel because of it.

The next 12 months are going to be big in understanding just how mainstream VR can go, and these are the gaming areas that are really going to benefit…


Racing games like F1 22, have long tried to be as immersive as possible and you can get plenty of bits of kit to accompany your console, with Formula 1 games also hugely popular in esports competitions too.

It’s no surprise to see VR has already made its way into racing and it will certainly be among the leaders when it comes to the tech, allowing players to feel like they’re sat in the car and actually racing around the likes of Monaco, Silverstone or Monza.


It’s normally the simpler games that adopt new technology first, and that can certainly be said for casino games. There’s definitely a place for VR in casino games, allowing players to completely concentrate and immerse themselves in the game, with 777 online casino sites potentially allowing players to enjoy a game of blackjack like they’re in Las Vegas, or enjoy a poker tournament as though it really is the World Series of Poker.

It’s not a complex prospect, and should it really take off, it’ll certainly create a pathway for other gaming genres to follow.

Shoot ‘Em Ups

On the one hand, shoot ‘em up games would be absolutely perfect for virtual reality, on the other hand – they could be a little intense. Immersing yourself in warfare from your living room perhaps isn’t the sort of thing your nerves can handle, but it’s certainly a next step in a gaming niche that is forever advancing.

There are already plenty out there, but it needs for the likes of Call of Duty to make it a regular occurrence for it to take off. Infinite Warfare, is certainly paving the way and we’d expect more to come for VR to really become commonplace in the genre.

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