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How to Generate Leads Using YouTube Marketing in 2023

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If there is any video-sharing platform that has conquered the globe and has become a top destination for content creators, it’s none other than YouTube! More than half of the global population is on social media and YouTube remains the top social media platform used by all genders and age groups. Whether one wants to share fun videos, marketing videos, or live streams, YouTube is the go-to.

The latest statistics also indicate YouTube to be the second most used social media platform around the world after Facebook. It is popular for many reasons and it’s no secret that many people make a living on the platform in different ways.

The platform allows users to market their brands, and earn revenue through memberships, YouTube ads, affiliate links, and promotions. But did you know that you can also generate leads through YouTube? This article covers the different ways you can generate leads using YouTube marketing in 2023 and how to stand out. Let’s dive into the subject matter.

YouTube Marketing

It refers to the promotion of businesses, brands, services, and products on YouTube. YouTube has become a popular marketing channel for businesses and brands of all types and sizes. In fact, it is currently an effective marketing tool for marketers globally. To prove that YouTube is a reliable marketing tool, the latest findings indicate that it has surpassed cable TV networks, mainly due to Gen Z and Millennials who prefer mobile devices. Stats also prove its penetration in different counties.

YouTube’s popularity is mainly powered by the modern trend of video creation and consumption. Videos are associated with a higher engagement rate and resonate with consumers’ expectations. In fact, over three billion internet users watched, streamed, or downloaded videos at least once per month in 2022.

With such figures, video marketing can surely help you generate and nurture leads. Whether you’re a marketer for a small business, medium, or enterprise-level company, here are some of the ways YouTube marketing can help you generate leads.

1. Understand Your Audience

Like any other form of marketing, YouTube marketing or advertising starts with understanding your target audience. Video is an excellent way of engaging with all types of target audiences, but it’s essential to know who your viewers are.

Also, what they expect from you and how to convert them. Automatically, creating a video requires you to have a topic in mind that you want your audience to watch. But you must understand the type of viewers you want to watch your video.

The mere fact of creating a video and posting it on YouTube will get you some views and likes, plus comments, however, there is more you can do about it to attain actionable insights. YouTube Analytics is the first tool you can consider to understand your audience. The tool shows who watches your videos, and for how long and also provides insights on demographics.

For example age group, device, and location among others. These will help you create content that converts your video viewers into leads, customers, or subscribers. On the other hand, try to be direct with your message. No matter what your target audience is or your niche, it will help you create videos that reach your audience.

All you have to do is focus on relevant topic ideas, and the quality of the video, and engage with your audience whenever you post. For example, encouraging them to like, share and comment. You can use social media to promote your content effectively.

2. Offer Practical Solutions

The value of content is assessed from its practicality. Are your tips and tricks actionable? Have you tried and tested them to be relevant in the modern era? If you focus on creating videos that offer value to your audience, the more your YouTube channel will grow and attract quality leads.

Depending on what you do, you can also study trends and understand how to incorporate them into your content. Speak on trending topics if possible, leverage hashtags, and promote your videos in every new piece. In this way, you will generate and nurture your leads into becoming loyal viewers, brand ambassadors, or subscribers.

3. Add CTAs

CTAs (Calls to Action) are merely attention grabbers. However, they compel a viewer to take a specified action. For example, if you want people to sign up for your newsletter, subscribe, follow a link, or watch a video, CTAs are a powerful tool to consider. They direct viewer responses to your videos and that’s how you generate leads.

There are different types of CTAs you can use in your videos and they are normally in the form of phrases or simple words. For example, like, share, subscribe, and comment are all types of CTAs you can use.

Other powerful CTAs you can leverage in your videos are those that encourage your viewers to buy a product or request a demo. On the other hand, use keywords. Keywords push your content reach and improve discoverability.

4. Use Powerful Thumbnails

A thumbnail is a still image that acts as a cover on a video. Thumbnails have become a reliable way of marketing products and services using videos. When it comes to YouTube marketing, thumbnails are a reliable way to generate leads as they push your content to prospects.

However, to promote your content and help your viewers discover related content that they may be interested in, thumbnails must be leveraged effectively. Powerful thumbnails can fetch you more clicks and improve content engagement. The best ways to create reliable thumbnails are;

Create clear title text and leverage copywriting tips for compelling thumbnail text. Thumbnails are a great way to capture attention and will surely get you clicks. You can also use thumbnail templates, however, evaluate their design and style to ensure engagement.

Other aspects to consider when creating the best thumbnails include using the white space professionally. Use relevant and high-quality images and keep the user experience in mind.

5. Leverage YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are ideal for helping your audience discover products and services. If possible, you can invest in youtube ads to extend your content’s reach. Like running ads on any other social media platform, YouTube also requires content creators to have an account.

Having a business account will help you pay the platform to run your ads. It may be expensive in the start, but ad campaigns always drive quality leads for brands and businesses when properly run.

6. Include Site Links in your Video Descriptions

There are many critical success factors in business and when considered, they can help a company thrive. In the online world, the success of an online store depends on the functionality of a business website and its promotion tactics. One of the best ways to promote your site to get quality leads using YouTube is by including site links in your video descriptions.

Include your link in the description section below your video. You can also provide your business contact information at the end of the video. For example, email addresses, and contact numbers, among others.

7. Collaborate

The modern era presents a range of collaboration opportunities for business owners and you can participate in the same too. Instead of promoting your business and brand, personally, you can partner with industry leaders or influencers to help you out.

Influencer marketing is serving as a reliable medium of promoting brands and businesses at a low or no cost. By the way, there are various ways to do it. You can mutually collaborate with an influencer to advocate your products or services on YouTube. In this case, the influencer can mention your brand in a personal video or make a full video about your brand.

On the other hand, you can host some influential personalities with a genuine following. You can discuss any topic where you talk about your products or services or provide tips about an audience’s pain points. In this way, you will tap into an influencer’s audience and fetch more leads.

8. Track Progress

Online marketing requires marketers and brand owners to track progress either weekly or monthly. However, it all starts with setting KPIs. With video marketing, the major KPIs to track include views, shares, likes, and comments among others. Also, social mentions are other metrics to keep track of.

With the fact that you require leads, consider the number of people who watch your videos and contact you about your offerings. Or, those who watch your videos and sign up for your newsletter or showcase their interest in your brand in the comment section. These conversions will help you track the progress or effectiveness of your video marketing efforts.

Bottom Line

Video marketing isn’t going anywhere and many marketers have asserted its effectiveness in improving leads and conversions. The good thing is that video marketing doesn’t require special skills to generate quality leads or drive website traffic. All you need is to master a few things and fetch incredible results.

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