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How to Successfully Sell Products on TikTok

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You might be tempted to dismiss TikTok as a platform where Gen-Z kids dance and make silly videos. However, there’s much more to this entertaining app, and selling on TikTok could take your business to the next level.

TikTok boasts more than 150 million active monthly users in the US and over one billion worldwide. This impressive audience consumes short videos on anything from fashion tips to sports commentary to how-to tutorials. If you can name a topic, the odds are a plethora of TikTok videos are available for you to help you explore it further.

This content has an especially addicting quality with TikTok users spending 95 minutes each day scrolling on the app. Whether or not you personally enjoy TikTok, there’s no denying its audience is vast and highly engaged.

You may already know that most consumers begin their search for a product on Amazon, and this is great news for Amazon sellers. However, 43% of Gen-Z consumers say they begin their search on TikTok. This is even higher than those who begin searching on Google.

Building your brand awareness on all social media is a wise move, and TikTok has become an essential component of this. If you are wondering how you can start selling on TikTok, keep reading.

How Does TikTok Work?

TikTok allows users to post short-form videos of up to 10 minutes, regularly using songs, clips of dialogue, or the voices of other creators from the “Sounds Library.” This allows the app’s culture to grow as more and more users reinterpret the familiar sound clips in their own videos. A chain of content forms, leading viewers into an indefinite spiral of videos.

By using a popular audio clip along with trending hashtags, you can create videos that wrack up thousands, and sometimes millions, of views. Keep in mind that trends move fast on TikTok and this means you need to get on board if you want to benefit from the craze.

Is Selling on TikTok Right for Your Business?

Definitely. As mentioned previously, TikTok’s audience is enormous and extremely interactive. Around 68% of TikTok users are children and young adults between ages 10 and 39, but this is no reason to discount the impressive potential of this platform.

If it is possible for you to incorporate your products into a video, then it doesn’t especially matter what type of product you are selling. As long as you give your content an engaging twist, you can increase your brand awareness at an unprecedented pace.

How to Begin Selling on TikTok

Step 1: Make a TikTok Account for Your Business

If you haven’t already, download the TikTok app and create an account. You might already have a personal TikTok account, and in this case, you should create a second account specifically for your business. The app permits users to switch between accounts with ease.

Remember to keep your TikTok handle consistent with your other social media platforms so your customers can find you and identify your brand easily.

Step 2: Upgrade to a Professional Account

Many TikTok users use a “Personal” account which is perfect for viewing videos made by others. “Creator” accounts are a great option for those who plan to post videos regularly. This type of account features detailed analytics on your videos including the demographics of your viewers. After you reach 10,000 followers and a minimum of 100,000 video views in the last 30 days, you can join the Creator Fund and monetize your views. Finally, a “Business” account is a good fit for those who are especially interested in analytics. When you choose this type of account you can link your Amazon storefront in your bio, and track your performance. If you plan to sell on TikTok, opting for a “Business” account is most likely the best choice.

Step 3: Make Your First TikTok Video

Before you dive into creating video content, take some time to explore the app and check out the range of styles other creators are using. Once you have a sense of TikTok’s culture, it’s time to start filming and editing your first videos. A few tips to keep in mind as you go forward are:

  • Grab viewers’ attention: If you fail to immediately engage your audience, most likely they’ll scroll to a new video.
  • Stay light: Avoid driving sales too hard, but rather aim to entertain your viewers, with some references to your products, of course.
  • Create a challenge: When you challenge viewers to participate, you drive engagement —don’t forget to make a hashtag specifically for your challenge.
  • Be your unique self: Imitating other creators can only take you so far, so you’ll need to give your content an original twist.

Step 4: Create Consistently and Interact With Your Viewers

Approach your TikTok account with the same diligence you apply to the rest of your business. This means creating a schedule for video uploads to ensure your audience stays engaged. When you receive comments, engage with the dialogue. This makes you more accessible and drives the algorithm to your account.

Step 5: Enlist Influencers 

When you partner with the right influencer, your brand can reach a much wider audience. Influencers are pros at creating engaging content, and importantly, they also have the skills to incorporate your products organically. When you search for an influencer to work with, seek out those that are consistent with your brand. For example, if you are promoting beauty products, you might be a good match for an influencer who specializes in make-up tutorials. TikTok’s Creator Marketplace is a great place to begin your search.

Step 6: Drive User-Generated Content

When a product goes viral on TikTok, the wave of content often comes from customers who personally love the product, rather than just paid advertisements. You can help get this process started by challenging your customers to share videos of themselves enjoying your product. This is called user-generated content, or UGC.

Step 7: Use Ads on TikTok

There are a couple of advertising options that can help you start selling on TikTok. Self-Service Ads appear in users’ For You Page feeds as they scroll. This type of ad is effective because it blends into other TikTok videos. You can also opt to set up ads with an Ad Manager which includes hashtag challenges, branded effects, and Topview ads. In order to use TikTok’s ads, you must ensure you have a Business account.

Step 8: Do Not Neglect TikTok’s Resources

If you want to get the most out of selling on TikTok, consider exploring the “Small Business Resource Center.” Here, you’ll find templates, webinars, and success stories to help get you started. You can also learn how to use TikTok Pixel to track the performance of your ads. 

Going Forward and Selling on TikTok

Selling on TikTok is an opportunity that you and your business should not miss. With an enormous potential audience, you can start promoting your brand through your own account, or with the help of influencers. Remember to get creative, have fun with trends, and interact with your viewers.  You never know, your product might be the next to go viral!

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