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How to Become an SEO Reseller

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You almost can’t be in business these days without being on the internet, and that’s why SEO is more important than ever for marketing most businesses. But not every marketing company can afford to hire in-house SEO staff, and the more boutique you are, the more likely that is to be your situation.

SEO reselling might be the answer. SEO resellers contract with third-party white label SEO agencies to provide SEO services to their clients. How it works is you pass your clients’ SEO requests to the white label company. They’ll decide what products and services are appropriate, come up with a timeline and a strategy, and then let you know when to expect a finished product. You can then take that finished product and resell it to your clients under your own brand. You get to claim ownership of it, and your clients won’t know it’s not your own work.

White Labeling Isn’t Just for SEO

The idea of paying a third party to complete SEO services might seem weird if you’ve never encountered it before, but white labeling is actually a pretty common business practice. Lots of brands buy products from third-party manufacturers and resell them under their own brands. This keeps costs down for the resellers, which they can pass onto consumers. It also helps brands offer more products than they otherwise might be able to afford.

You can use the same principle to offer SEO services to your clients. While you might not be able to afford to hire SEO professionals to work for you, you can probably afford the comparatively lower rates white label SEO agencies are able to charge because they’re able to leverage economies of scale. SEO resellers are able to save money, bring in more clients, and offer more services.

You Just Need to Find the Right White Label Agency to Work With

How do you find a good white label SEO agency? Start by googling. An SEO company should be good enough at SEO to reach the top of search results for white label agencies in your area. Check out their website – is it responsive? Fast? Optimized for mobile? Is the page easy to navigate and the content clear?

Next, look on trusted sites like G2, Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau, and TrustRadius to find reviews of any white label SEO agencies your considering. Ask companies for case studies and portfolios of previous work. Ask about the SEO practices they use and know which black hat techniques should throw up red flags. Look for transparent pricing and a payment structure that works for your company’s needs – for example, if you’re going to have a certain number of hours of work on a regular basis, a monthly payment plan will probably be better for you than a project-based payment plan.

Sign Your Contract and Start Reselling Your SEO Services to Clients

When you find a white label SEO company you’re willing to work with, you’ll be able to sign a contract and start offering your clients SEO services. If you’re just working with a white label SEO agency for a specific contract or for specific kinds of deliverables, that might be spelled out in your contract. Other things that will be spelled out include who will keep the rights to the intellectual property being created, and perhaps what kinds of deliverables will be created and on what schedule they’ll be created and, of course, how much they’ll cost. Your contract will naturally contain a white label license allowing you to put your brand on any deliverables you buy from the white label agency. There’s also usually a non-disclosure clause.

With the contract signed, you can start selling SEO services to your clients right away! You’ll be ready to go from day one, which is certainly better than spending months ramping up as you search for professionals to hire yourself. Using a white label SEO agency is just like having your own SEO people, but without all the hassle. You’ll be able to provide continuity of service and you’ll be able to handle any SEO task your clients need.

Becoming an SEO reseller is a great way to offer your clients SEO services without the expense and work of hiring your own SEO staff. Instead, you can send your clients’ SEO work to a third-party agency that will let you put your own brand name on the work. It’s a great way to bring in more revenue and attract more clients with minimal fuss.

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